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diet tips: willpower?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BoyceyLDN, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. SPG


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    They are clearly not the same but in terms of energy release they are exactly the same thats the entire point of it.

  2. Screeeech


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    Just because two things release the same amount of energy, doesn’t make them equal, especially from a metabolic point of view, for the sake of argument try it for yourself:

    Buy a McDonald’s large fries: 500 calories (150 grams of food)

    Buy 500 calories of lettuce and carrots. (That’s roughly 1KG of food)

    Compare how you feel after eating each one, then try and tell me with a straight face, that both had the exact same effect on your appetite.

    They both have the same amount of calories, but both provide completely different sensations of satisfaction and fullness, when metabolised by the digestive system.
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  3. moon man

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    cant offer advise as i havnt a clue what im talking about in health and fitness but im 6ft 1 and 14.5 stone ,always called slim or even skinny by other people but hey ho
    i tend to have a big high protein veggie not vegan breakfast about 7 am then go lighter on lunch (used to get large chips with everything but ended up half asleep)and tea
    trouble is i have very long weekends and drink too nuch ,then eat junk like cream crackers with slabs of butter on
    seeing the benefits of a 16 kg kettlebell its the only thing ive bought that ive kept up to ,that surfing and a physical job keep me in ok shape ,
  4. Luckystrike123


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    Whilst time restricted feeding limits calories intake it's not the only mechanism at work, when fasting your body produces large amounts of growth hormone.

    I've read a study where the researchers fed to groups of mice the same total number of calories with one group fed daily and the other fasted on alternate days. The fasted group had lower body fat and more muscle mass.

    Also fasting promotes autophagy and reduces LDL cholesterol production in your liver. Very powerful effects in you are interested in longevity.
  5. SPG


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    What is so hard to understand...

    "A calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius"

    I am not arguing the merit of food types, I am a arguing that a calorie is just that what i have posted above, So for the normal everyday Joe who eats 2500 calories a day and you burn/use 2700 you will lose weight. It is not mystical skulduggery its the laws of physics. If you want to be mental and eat 2500 calories of lettuce go for it.... (yuck)
  6. Screeeech


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    You haven’t understood anything I’ve written, to simplify further:

    Eating calories from junk food, does not provide a feeling of satisfaction, therefore someone who has junk food in their diet, is more likely to eat more calories, and become overweight, because the quality of food providing the calories is very poor.

    So whilst it’s true, that a calorie as a unit of energy provides a fixed amount of energy when metabolised, you must be able to see from the above example, the practical difference between how calories actually end up in the body.
  7. itchy


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    It is true even I was shocked and the doctors could not understand how, my BMI is 18 and I can eat what I like.

    I am underweight but don't look like I am from a POW camp.

    Swings and roundabouts with some people. ;)
  8. Nitefly

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    I’ve become a bit of a fatty compared to adonis-like self of old. I can definitely recommend Huel, the ‘meal substitution’ shake. It’s far tastier than the dire, dire whey shakes I used on and off in my youth and is a great way of limiting my calories. Simply, I have a 450 calorie shake mid morning, which fuels me to have a light lunch and a light dinner (or rather, ‘normal portions’) really quite easily.

    At 16 stone, I lost half a stone quite easily over a steady period of a couple of months just by doing this and otherwise not being overly concerned about my food intake. Let’s face it, when you are a chubster losing weight is a bit a doddle if you have the slightest bit of willpower :p

    Other strategies:
    Avoid cooking unduly massive portions.
    Don’t let yourself come home from work starving.
    Don’t eat pointless snack foods like crisps and biscuits regularly. At a social gathering or at a friends house, fine, but if sat at home or just bored at work put it down.
    Drinking coffee is a good appetite suppressant.
  9. Feek


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    Don't go to the supermarket when you're hungry.
  10. Ocean Breeze


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    When you see a Mars bar or burger don't eat it.