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Discussion in 'US TV shows discussion.' started by platypus, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. weringo


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    Just finished season 3 and it wasn't a patch on the first two (with s1 definitely the best). This show is all about the villains and Varga was just a bit of a silly character.

    Also they ripped off the ending from Lord of War except this time you don't know if the door opens or not.
  2. BillHicksRIP

    Wise Guy

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    It's interesting what other people's take on things is. I thought David Thewlis was superb in the menace he projected. Cocking his head to one side looking the target in the eyes while stalking them. That's what a wolf does. 2 x Ewen McGregors was no bad thing either along with Carrie Who's Name Shall Not Be Uttered On This Forum. Hoping for a 4th series, but may be a while, apparently.
  3. rids57


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    It's been renewed but probably won't appear until 2019
  4. Converge


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    Just finished series 3 and whilst I liked the series on the whole, I found the last episode to be massively disappointing after the first 20 minutes or so. Just seemed to be a cop out on a lot of storylines.
  5. AndyCr15


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    Hmm, I'm sure it'll all make sense when we start watching...