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Favourite music in a game

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by BGGLP, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Johnz0r

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    Very surprised to see that no one has mentioned the UNATCO theme from Deus Ex (imo the best game ever made.)

  2. PC777


    Joined: Dec 23, 2018

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    Yeah that Deus Ex theme was classic, set the tone of the whole game so well.

    These aren't my favourite as it's such a broad topic I don't know if I can choose, but these 3 were extremely memorable ones for me to the point they are what I remember most about the games, in some cases decades later. A lot of orchestral soundtracks are a lot better musically, though I think we're at a point it's harder for them to sound unique or have a particularly 'gaming' style as many movie and game sound tracks are interchangeable.

    A remix of this Robobcop 64 title screen later got used in Ariston adverts and various other things on TV. Sounded amazing as a kid back in the late 80's. Plenty of other great C64 tunes but I always remember this one despite not having played this game since the 80's

    I normally hate bubblegum pop, but this was such an unique choice in No More Heroes back on the Wii. Suda 51 games usually always have an interesting and diverse range of music and this one really stood out, I still remember it despite only playing through the game once 12 years ago. I think this was used in Lumines on the PSP first but it was No More Heroes that really did most justice to it.

    Didn't even play the game that much about 10 years ago, but this is the one of the catchiest high energy gaming chip style tunes ever. Remembered almost all of its tune within a couple of hearings of it. I prefer this remixed version from the Steam version over the original. Again hadn't played this for over 10 years.
  3. zxh800


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    Has to be Bastion for me.

    That name didn't age well though haha. Damn Trump and his wall.
  4. Wyrdo


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    Showing my age here but Wizball on the C64! :)

  5. bazzabear

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    R-Type on Amiga has a great soundtrack...
  7. montymint


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    Persona 4 is also a very special ost. Drives the narrative and mood of the game fantastically
  8. Hedge


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    Cosmo canyon.

    Don't really need to add any more :)
  9. hyperseven


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    Killer Instinct - Mick Gordons reworking of the soundtrack is excellent :cool:

  10. Witcher1980


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    So creepy, went great with the quest.
  11. ninezerofive


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    Never heard a game with a music on, that's the first thing I usually do is switch it off.
  12. something daft already!!


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    Turrican and Turrican 2 had the best music ever. Was on the Amiga though which is almost a console.
  13. Rifte


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    Not technically great, but Everquest : West Karana.

  14. Funky-Melon


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    Ori and the blind forest - Epic music throughout!
  15. kurosagi01


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    Enjoying this at the moment.
  16. Jamesyboyjim


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    Soooo many games to choose from but here's a few:

    FF7. I think this one isn't very surprising at all and on a lot of peoples lists. It just really helped create the atmosphere. I honestly get tingles just thinking back to how sucked in to the whole world I was back then.

    Donkey Kong Country. I love this game but I think I love the soundtrack even more. Its brilliant.

    Trine 1 & 2. Such beautiful and enchanting games and I highly recommend you give them a go. The soundtrack just compliments its fantasy world perfectly.

    Mortal Kombat II. Easily my fave MK game. The soundtrack is so terrifyingly perfect for the scary Outworld setting.

    Streets of rage 2 & 3. I couldn't pick between them so went with both. I think most people will know these ost's well and not much else needs to be said :)

    Cannon Fodder (Amiga version). What a game and what a soundtrack! The recruitment screen music really makes you feel sad and reflect on those little miniature people you let die as you look at their graves on the hill.

    Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (Amiga version) As a kid I used to crank the TV up and just listen to the title music all the time. (Our Amiga was connected to a TV, not monitor) Its superb! :D
  17. Swampyseifer


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    The soundtrack for Rebel Galaxy was great, if not a little repetitive eventually!