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Getting Married - Need advice please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soogs, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. ste_bla


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    I've been married nearly a year and same age

    Dont do it for the love of god :(

    (only joking!)
  2. <(Multi)>

    Wise Guy

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    Married?? Soogs? matey, wow! :)

    If your happy together though, thats absolutely great news. I've got a mate that married his gf after 5 months of being together - He went from having a nice easy life as a young male, to having a wife, her kid and now his kid on the way. Not saying your situation is anything like that, but he's not seeming too happy recently.
  3. Tefal

    Capo Crimine

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    my advice is the same I give to all those wishing to be wed.

    except those marrying professional runners,

    I advise them to use a fast car instead.
  4. Psycho Sonny


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    before i can judge the situation i need pics, either of both of you together, or one of each of you, after the evidence has arrived i can tell you whether or not you should do it within 5 seconds
  5. Cybermyk


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    I always say try to make the most of your wedding and marriage, after all it's something you'll probably only do two or three times in your life.
  6. stevenazari1


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    I love how soogs said she's standing next to him and she reads this hahahahaha

    but yeah, although the uk folk have had a history of "my wife left me upon marriage", its only because uk media loves to report that sort of stuff. you never hear "I met a guy and now Im in love" programs lol, if so my parents would be on it :p so tell her to stop worrying and wait in bed. you be there soon. lol.... you just gotta check out the new reviews on the new 45nm processors ROFL!!!!!

    "*Snarfle* I'll be there in a *Snarfle* second tulip, *Snarfle* I gotta check out this *Snarfle* review on the new 45 *Snarfle* nm processors *Snarfle**Snarfle*"
  7. Gog


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    You can get married in the UK if you have whats known as a "Certificate of Approval". Generally, these will be granted as long as the foreign national has three months or more remaining of a stay over six months. The Certificate can then be presented to the Registrar when you book the marriage.

    After the marriage, if the foreign national wishes to stay in the United Kingdom they will have to apply to vary their leave to that of a spouse. This should be granted as long as you can show that it is a genuine and subsisting marriage, and as long as you can prove that there will be public funds claimed (public funds being benefits, etc). This is outlined at paragraph 284 of HC395 (the Immigration Rules) - http://www.bia.homeoffice.gov.uk/policyandlaw/immigrationlaw/immigrationrules/part8/

    Leave is normally granted for two or three years, after which time an application can be made for indefinite leave to remain (outlined at paragraph 287). British nationality can thereafter be sought after five years continuous residency.


    As long as the course of study is at degree level or higher, there usually won't be too much of an issue in getting a student visa. There's been a fair crackdown on students recently due to bogus colleges, but as long as the institution is on the DFE list of approved learning centres all should be OK.
  8. danza


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    I can only recommend you listen to some Metallica to reinforce what he said.

    Not really! I got married at 23. All is awesome 2 1/2 years down the line. I don't think it could easily be better, but that's not to say it's all been plain sailing (well it has, mostly!).

    We were together 5 1/2 years before we took the plunge, so we knew what we wanted, and that it was right for us.

    Just remember, marriage is something not to be taken lightly. If she's the one, it'll be awesome.

  9. stevenazari1


    Joined: Oct 21, 2007

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    please bare in mind you are taking advice from a guy with a hacksaw for a signature lol
  10. Amleto


    Joined: Feb 13, 2003

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    It is my understanding that your fiancee is required to send off an application for a 'certificate of approval', after which you are free to give notice etc in the normal way.
  11. dieschwalbe


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    You should be able to get married in the UK (England), but whatever you decide to do, bloody good luck with it.
  12. djohn


    Joined: Oct 7, 2005

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    Good luck to both of you Soogs. Marriage at an early age is not for everyone but both my wife and I were 19 years old when we married after knowing each other for 3 months. That was back in April 1966, [42 years this April] we had our son 7 years later and our first grandson on the 3rd of Jan this year. We've had a good life with lots of ups & downs but still wouldn't change a thing given the choice all over again. :)
  13. Samiad


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    Nothing to say except you get a passport in 3 years not 5. It's 5 if you remain in the UK by other means (student visa, work visa etc) but for a spouse it's accelerated to 3 years.
  14. spawner


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    I thought that too just by reading the topic title & looks like others think the same, I bet there all married like me haha
  15. coolpunkskater

    Wise Guy

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    thats not young i was wed at 19 kid no 1 @ 19 kid no. 2 @ 21 no. 3 @ 25 (the first 2 not realy planed lol)
  16. pyro


    Joined: Nov 23, 2002

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    Wow, dude, Soogs, you getting married! I hope it works man..:)
  17. PurpleDinosaur


    Joined: Sep 15, 2007

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    I think that's the point people are making. Good for you if it's working out, but the majority of relationships that start like that do not.
  18. SaBBz

    Wise Guy

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    Congrats Soogs :)

    That's a Iron Maiden song isn't it?
  19. coolpunkskater

    Wise Guy

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    Yea its a shame

    me and my mrs knew each other for about 7 years and we're "going out" for 5 of them years so its not realy some thing we rushed into without knowing each other

    but yes its something nit to rush into :D
  20. Old Wino


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