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Greenlizard0 Weekend Football Thread ** spoilers ** [12th May 2019]

Discussion in 'The Football Stadium' started by Cosimo, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Tombstone


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    Not sure it would count as a dreadful season, 75m on a CB who is probably worth twice that now and who ended up as player of the year, golden boot winner, golden glove winner, only losing once all year, losing out on the league by just 1 point (WAY closer than any other team in the league managed to push City) and making it to a 2nd consecutive Champions League final, meaning that Klopp has made it 3 consecutive European final appearances in a row (more than any other manager in the league). None of that even comes close to constituting a dreadful season, in fact I suspect that every single other team in the league, bar City, would have wanted a season like that.

    Silverware is of course the aim of all the major teams and maybe Liverpool will end with the Champions League trophy or maybe they wont, but either way its a long long LONG way from a dreadful season.

    I smell the whiff of troll :D
  2. NiCkNaMe


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    Not at all

    Won't be remembered for being cup finalists or coming second. Got to win trophies..

    Super tense for Klopp. One of his final moments to be remembered as either a winner with Liverpool or a perrenial loser...

    Also hasn't he self admitted he'll be off if he doesn't pick up some success inside 5yrs?
  3. Tombstone


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    So you truly believe that Liverpool have had a "dreadful" season? Not a good season, not an average season, not a poor season...but a dreadful season?

    I think Liverpool will be remembered for being runner up in the league this season, this season has been a record breaking one, with two teams batting back and forth like never before and has boiled down to one team winning by one point 98 to 97. Its been a season and a title race which will stick in the minds of true football fans for a long time.

    Dont think I've heard Klopp say he will be off in 5 years if he doesnt win something, but I am open minded enough to look at a link to evidence of that if you have one.
  4. Stumble Bum

    Wise Guy

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    The absolute state of this!

    Who do you support troll?
  5. BaZ87


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    Ignore him. You only have to check his posting history in FS to see that he only shows up when he has a chance to write something negative about Liverpool. Needless to say he's not been around much for quite sometime.
  6. jonneymendoza


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    I think liverpool have had a great season personally. But of course in the history books wont be remembered as much as city who won the title and possibly spurs wining the CL.

    They will eventually win something liverpool with this team
  7. Purdy


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    Tbf if it isn’t intentional trolling, the lack of actual awareness on the situation is scary