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GTX 1060

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by dits, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Obijuan


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    Marvelous, many thanks!

    Can't believe how much smaller this card is compared to my 660ti, and I thought that was reasonable! Does make you wonder why they don't try something similar with their 1070 range. Others are making m-itx 1070s, and EVGA clearly have a decent cooling design to apply, even if it might need some enhancement for 1070 temps.
  2. southernorth

    Wise Guy

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    Yeah it's a bit odd. With the exception of the massively oversized Asus card (and bloody overpriced too!) and the top-end MSI cards I don't see the need for 2 & 3 fan coolers. But maybe it's just EVGA as you said.
  3. Cern


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  4. southernorth

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    Flashing is incredibly simple. In this instance you literally just download the new bios, press 1 key and then restart. That's it, done. It's not very dangerous. Of course this only works for single fan EVGA GTX 1060's. Don't try it if you have a different card.

    Also, that link is from EVGA themselves, so it doesn't break warranty. Not at all.

    If the flash does go wrong, I am pretty sure you can flash it back to the original bios. However, this is very very unlikely especially as the flash is coming from the manufacturer themselves.
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