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Hazro - Any Update?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by tagsuk, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. HornyRhino


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    have you tried contacting the current owners of hazro to see if they still have any old parts?

    of course its just a suggestion :)

    but my guess though 6 years on is they maybe wont even though they did sort of carry on the warranty for several years after the transition of new management.

    so really i cant comment if the new management i.e customer service reps are better ...if you remember the old hazro was near impossible to contact even through OCUK...
    the new ones might be easier and more friendly and worth at least emailing or messaging through their website?

    oh and i just noticed my signature lol its still roughly the same setup 6+ years on Roflol (i havent been on this forum since 2010 :p)
    i think i only upgraded the memory due to 1 stick that died...still runs all the new games i throw at it @2560 res ...crazy for such an old computer...at least compared to modern setups where the gpus costs £500+ lol
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  2. uZi


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    Yeah, I tried contacting them a while ago but they couldn't give me much help. They didnt at the time, but they now sell a power supply on their site as well actually, although it ended up costing more with P&P. See http://hazro.co.uk/shop.html under accessories. I also wouldn't trust them very much for a refund/return if it didn't work with my HZ24Wi.. and it's not listed there.

    Speaking of sigs.. mine is years out of date! :/
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  3. uZi


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    As an update: the power supply I order arrived. Unfortunately, it's not a genuine Li Shin supply and I think it's a bit of a dodgy one - has an odd plastic smell to it which makes me a bit nervous. Good news is my monitor still works, but I think I'm going to return it and order the supply from hazro directly as it's only a few quid more. I've emailed hazro and asked what brand the power supply they're selling is, but not heard back yet.
  4. paquito


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    I own an Hazro 24wi monitor and i need to remove the mount at the back. Does anyone have experience with removing this mount? It seems to be tightened with 4 screws, which are basically unreachable. I saw uZi had the same problem with a Hazro monitor, but i don't understand how he did it.



    Thanks a ton!
  5. mrk

    Man of Terrible Jokes

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    You can’t!

    Just kidding, you can. The handle bit at the top has a plastic cover which is sticky backed. Just pop it off with a sharp blade or something and that allows you to remove the screws for the main stand, then the bracket.

    You will then need the Hazro VESA bracket which fits in place if you are intending on putting a proper arm on it, unless you fashion your own VESA bracket.