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Idiots in T-shirts and shorts.

Discussion in 'Biker's Cafe' started by agnes, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. thedoc46


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    oh calm down you lot.. He was probably only riding at 30mph max with his kid on the back.. If they'd of fallen off, she'd probably only have brushed the gravel off. Geez, I occasionally take my infant sons for a quick spin around the community where i live. They are only in shorts and t-shirts.

    Fair doo's if he's going for a Sunday morning blast, but a light commute. No biggy !
  2. Griffo

    Wise Guy

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    You're being silly yes? Only 30mph? Do you ever recall, as a child - or one of your children - falling over after running down the street? Grazed knees, red raw, blood yes.

    What speed do children run at? I forget, it's either roughly 5mph or 60mph. Which means falling off at 30mph for that kid would be either a hell of a lot worse than that or half as bad... I forget which :/

    I don't know why everybody moans about horse murdering, I do it on the weekend with my family all the time, and if I do it, it must be acceptable... otherwise, why would I do it? My logic is the best yo.
  3. Gunni Parker

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    Ha ha, the Cookie Monster is waiving. Yeah, when I am on my way to work in the early hours of the morning I wear jeans, Frank Thomas Jacket, gloves and obviously a helmet. You do see many divs in shorts and work boots going up the dual carriage way. And the road to work is all being re-tarmaced. I wouldn't want to come off on the original stuff. It wouldn't take any prisoners.
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  4. Scort


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    I know, it’s pretty bad, but I guess the ankle isn’t the strongest bit of the body, so suddenly getting the weight of the body onto it, plus the moving road like you said, and I’m sure trainers would probably grip better than most motorcycle boots = bone snapping action!

    Calm down? Seriously, as Griffo says, even falling over running will do some damage, at best that girl could end up with some pretty nasty scars if she comes off, especially just wearing a skirt.

    I’m not going to try convincing anyone to wear kit, it makes me wince to think of the injuries they’ll get, but as other have pointed out in this thread, it’s their decision, so...

    As for the hot girl on bike – I love that video, great body, ace bag and my old bike <sniff>
  5. thedoc46


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    What happens when a Tour de France rider falls off his push bike at 30 - 40 mph? Does he die? Not unless he's real unlucky and smacks his head..

    Settle down..

    What's the deal on the horse story ?
  6. Hector


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    To be fair, you're just focusing on landing on the dirt and not counting any of the other variables. For example getting cought up on pegs/bars and dragged by a motorcycles larger mass. There's also the exhaust, chain and back wheel..

    I lost the chunk out of my leg when it got trapped between the tank and road, it basicaly pulled all the flesh off. The odd thing is I never knew where that lump vanished to. I have a feeling it got pulled through the much smaller hole in my jeans and was left somewhere on the road..
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  7. bloodiedathame


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    Personal choice n all that. I rode once in t-shirt and shorts. Hated it. That said I pretty much only wear jeans and a leather or textile jacket when I ride now. Which is pretty appalling I know but hey-ho. I had some draggin jeans but they were hot and didn't leave much to the imagination...