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Liquid Art: From Mini P180 to infinity...

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Jay85, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Jay85


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    A watercooled gpu gets so much more performance gain than you would from a watercooled cpu, the temps difference is quite significant. GPU temps can drop as much as 25-35c depending on how many radiators and what else is in your loop. For me i saw a drop from 65c to 42c average which allowed me a further boost clock of 20mhz. I believe if i somehow managed to drop temps further i could squeeze another 10-15mhz out of it easily without going into sub ambient temps.

    For a gpu only loop a single 360 rad would be more than sufficient to see significant drops in temps. A further 360 rad would help alot if you had a cpu in the loop as well in the future. Use to be 240 rad per component but since components these days run alot hotter than what they use to with some above the 300w mark, it just doesn't flow anymore.

    I got the Phanteks Vertical mount for its ability to adjust up and down along the pci slots as it technically only uses up 5 slots not the advertised 7 slots.

    If i had the coolermaster mount i would:

    A) not be able to mount a bottom radiator or fans
    B) foul the ram as you mentioned.

    The phanteks version allows me to eliminate both of these problems.

    If you spend some time measuring and having a closer look at the case its actually very versatile and can fit alot in there.

    I'm tinkering with the idea of swapping the 240 rad up top for a 360 rad but just working out the flow and fittings direction is proving to be abit of a ball ache at the moment. Furthermore i had to flush the system last night due to EK's Cryo fuel Solid Fire Orange losing its white particles and getting stuck to the blocks and tubing/res.. very disappointed in it. Looked amazing at first but shortly after i noticed white build up and knew what was up. Swapped it all out for de-ionised water again now for the time being. Will do a little tutorial on cleaning up scratched PETG as well tomorrow as i've ordered a kit to help me do this. The clear fluid shows up all the scratch marks unfortunately and its rather annoying me..
  2. Alan1969

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    nice looking build.