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Mercedes Benz and AMG Owners

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Six6siX, May 15, 2014.

  1. Django x2


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    The only good thing about the C63 is the engine and the noise. The cabin is woeful
  2. q6600


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  3. mrk

    Man of Terrible Jokes

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    If I ever get the luxury to own an AMG it just has to be the CLK63 Black :cool:
  4. Dave


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    My car is a petrol auto C class. Great to drive - feels very responsive, nimble enough, comfortable and gets good economy for a petrol. Our neighbour has a C63 AMG coupé that sounds (and looks) great that my car is jealous of :D

    I had a new A Class for a while when my car was in for a service that was good fun to drive, but I found the view when reversing a little restrictive. New C class looks great so will try and get one next time the car is in for a service if they have one!

    Quick shot in the rain:

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  5. Theophany


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    The exhaust pop at idle gives you the royal horn too.

    Never understood why people moan about the C63 interior quality tbh, it's like moaning about it having a stiffer ride than an S63. It's supposed to be a stripped back saloon focused on delivering as much power as possible at a much lower price bracket. If you want luxury, buy an E63 or S63 and sacrifice overall driving dynamics for comfort.
  6. Big-Mac-Please

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    I have an SLK 320 and B170 love them both. Had a C230 as well before.

    I think the current generation are a cut above the rest, new CLA, C and S class are epic!
  7. Mr_White


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    Turn it into a depraved lunatic.
  8. 'Harry


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    Nice. I need a new motor. Running costs more then my M6 I'd assume?
  9. Ev0


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    Had a run out in my folks new C63 last weekend, not allowed above 4.5k for the first thousand miles but was still plenty of fun :)

    And that noise....
  10. Ezah

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    I am car shopping again, need something quite recent with a decent warranty and E63 are well out of budget *sigh*, so looking at E350s.. I have an offer on two cars right now and finding it hard to decide.. what would you go for?

    2013 E350 -Avantgarde/AMG packages - 5000km, 1 yr warranty extendable, full options inc Night vision and heated/cooled seating package.
    2014 E300 - Avantgarde/AMG packages - 9000km, 5 yr warranty. 2 year servicing, full options

    The 2014 is 4k more.. and I would be down on power, but the facelift looks far more easy on the eye and may have better resale. They do not have any E500s, or '14 E350s.

    The other option is a 2012 A7 3.0SC with 19k km.. again for the same price..

    I am leaning towards the A7 if I get a good warranty package with it, as its superior looks wise and has more poke. What do you reckon?

  11. DAIR


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    What are your thoughts on the C class' interior and build quality?

    I came across a small review which criticised this car (c63 amg coupe) for its dated dash, poor info/entertainment system and more.
  12. alx


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    Really? Even the newest ones? I've been reading a few reviews of the C63 lately and none of them mention the interior being bad - in fact they tended to like it, see links:

    But I guess it's personal preference - was there a facelift?

    I do quite fancy a C63, lease deals aren't too bad atm considering the performance :o
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  13. K@rl


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    My C220 CDI AMG Sport Plus. 7sp auto and all the bits that usually come with the C63 without the epic engine. Do too many miles to for such a beast.

    Only had it a few months but loving it.

  14. Ezah

    Wise Guy

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    Put a deposit down on the E350 I mentioned above, but got a much better deal on it.. should collect this week.. /chuffed
  15. DAIR


    Joined: Jul 23, 2009

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    Okay.... So I've just finished test driving a C63 Coupe.

    The thing is a bloody beast. Will provide full review later!
  16. CaptainRAVE

    Man of Honour

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    Keen to pick up an SLK55, but can't part with my current slk at the moment...maybe next year :)
  17. DAIR


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    A white C63 AMG.

    Exterior -

    Some cars pull off this colour (white) rather well and others simply don't. Imo the the C63 looks at its best in a dark colour. I think this car looks so much better (and more aggressive) in black <3!

    Apart from the colour I think it looked absolutely stunning. "Aggressive" and "menacing"... These are the only two words to describe the look of this car. With its flared wheel arches and quad exhaust exits.. it's overall stance is fantastic.

    Interior -

    The first thing that stuck out was the dash. To be honest I find the dash in my car far better looking and more modern. In short, I thought it looked rather dated and bland. But hey, who takes on a car like this to admire the interior?

    The second thing that stood out was the car's infotainment system. "COMMAND" I believe it's called. The version I experienced (short experience) in this car was in now way shape or form, on par with the idrive system in my car.... Perhaps it's a little unfair for me to compare the two systems. As the system in mine is much younger than the one used in the merc (the c63 came it in 2008 iirc). I just thought the interface looked a bit clunky and lacked smoothness.... Again I only used the system for a matter or minutes.

    Tech / Clever stuff -

    I was told this particular car was fairly standard. The car came with the following :
    *Fully electric steats
    *heated seats
    *cruise control
    *standard speaker set up
    *usb and iPhone connection

    Overall I was fairly impressed with the standard kit. I think I'd be surprised if I wasn't. This car retails at well over 50k (brand new). So it had better be bloody impressive.

    The Driving Exp -

    After a lengthy (and much appreciated) overview of the car. I was given an invitation to take the car for a spin - not literally... Thank God!

    Starting this car up is so much more than just turning the key and then setting off. It felt more like an EVENT. It starts with a violent roar. I'm not exaggerating.... But the car certainly was. It's as if it's sending out a warning to everyone within 50 metre radius. You can't help but take notice!

    Before driving this car I admired it. After taking my seat and starting her up. I felt threatened by it. I was concerned for my wellbeing and for a split second questioned whether or not I could drive this car without any fuss.

    Off I went... Down a small road and then entered onto a main road. It was then I realised that managing the 450bhp + in slow areas wasn't going to be as chaotic as imagined :) . It felt surprisingly easy to drive.

    So after some minor stop and go traffic I was directed onto the M1 :)..... Where on more than once occasion i was encouraged to red line it... I took it up to 6 of 7 or so thousand revs before chickening out. It was too much for me to take in... The effortless pace, the raw unadulterated sound of that V8 engine, the cracks and bangs from the exhaust. It was too full on.... I both loved and feared it!

    This is by far the best car I've driven to date. There's something very raw, naughty, brutal and **** offy about it lol. Is there anything else like it? If so point it out.
  18. PMKeates


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    An E63 is sort of like... a better version of it :p
  19. DAIR


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    Lol Yh same engine from what I've heard. Slightly bigger car though. Great engine... Doubt we'll ever see a car with a similar engine again.
  20. 86JR


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    The Black?