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Moto GP Crash Horrific :-(

Discussion in 'Biker's Cafe' started by 4T5, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. MrKeeno

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    M8 a few years back I seen a fatal bike accident right in front of me, boyfriend and girlfriend killed outright. I was a witness and had to give a statement, I later found out they had 5 kids between them :(

    As soon as I got home my bike went into the garage and I sold it a few weeks later, convincing myself that my heart wasn't in it. Time is a healer in that sense, I soon realised biking is in my blood and im back on two wheels again. Just give it some time before you do anything m8.
  2. duc999

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    Sound advice and thanks for taking the time to post it :)

    Over the years I've lost lots of friends and aquaintances but when you've got lots of years of biking under your belt some of the heart does go out of it.

    I have already stopped riding on the road as its just downright dangerous both physically and financially :D
  3. thedoc46


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    I'm sure every biker who races, and even ever biker that rides on the road, just hopes its never going to happen to them. It's always in the back of your mind.

    I've been riding on the road since I was 16. (now nearly 40) Even spending a number of those yrs, riding through London rush hr traffic every day.

    So far I've come away unscathed, but everytime I hear of a fatal accident, my heart pours out. i always say to myself is this ever going to be you? For whatever reason I always convince myself that the chances are there but unlikely, and I'm back on two wheels a week or two later.

    All the other riders on the grid know of the risks, however they just tell themselves its unlikely to ever be them.
  4. FeFiDoh


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    As someone said there was only 1 more race to go after this! He almost finished the year :/

    And the start of the season he was so fast it was crazy some of the lap times he managed were pretty gob smacking considering how it usually takes time for riders to adjust. Look at others who have come from bigger bikes and still struggle.

    Has anything more been said from Edwards/Rossi? I feel for them and just hope they are both strong enough to get through it.
  5. thedoc46


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    Rossi tweeted that he felt that Sic was like a younger brother to him. Edwards web page has had its bandwidth exceeded.

    As someone above said, you could tell from Rossi's body language that he knew something very very bad had happened. He didn't try and keep going, more slowed down and confused as to what to do. continually looking behind. He would have known he ran him over and would have seen the crash helmet rolling.
  6. kidloco


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    Really wouldnt be supprised if both Edwards and Rossi hung up the leathers after this. Edwards is getting on a bit, the injury he got from this could force his hand as well. Rossi, well I dont think he has anything left to proove, others may disagree. The fact he was so close to Marco just makes it the more upsetting.

    It realy is just so crap this stuff happens but motocycle racing has always been a dangerous sport and always will. Sure you can have longer safer run offs, better leathers etc but when freek accidents like this happen there isnt much that can be done. I was watching it live and when his lid flew off, I really did feel sick to my stomach. Just feel so bad for his friends and family.
  7. ShakenNstirred


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  8. jon.bda


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  9. i-bert


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    Imo, the last Marco would want is a racer to retire after this accident.
  10. dekez


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    :( only just found out about this RIP
  11. ElvisFan


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    They can ban me for this but why don't you **** right off you disrespectful ****.

    An innocent lad has died and all you can think about is prejudiced point-scoring ********.
  12. IceShock


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    Still can't believe it,

    It's absolutely horrible, As was the situation last year with shoya losing his life at misano, thinking about it beings a sickness feeling in the stomach.

    He will be sadly missed, R.I.P Marco, you was a truely amazing soul in the GP paddock.
  13. thedoc46


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    Well said fella ! ;)
  14. Barry Smalley

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    Gutted. :(

    BTW, ElvisFan actually says something decent for a change. ;)
  15. ShakenNstirred


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    picture by Paolo Sestini
  16. Graynades


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    R.I.P marco still can't believe what happened was gonna watch the motogp races on eurosport later on that night. I went on daily mail website as they don't cover motogp and saw this shocking news on the front page really gutted .. p.s cracking picture shakenNstirred
  17. helpimcrap


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  18. MADMAN69UK


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    That is a great image :)
  19. MooMoo444


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    Crikey, the way his helmet comes off is horrific - poor guy
  20. arctine


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    He gives his harness bells a shake
    To ask if there is some mistake.
    The only other sound's the sweep
    Of easy wind and downy flake.

    The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.