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Moto GP Crash Horrific :-(

Discussion in 'Biker's Cafe' started by 4T5, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. SoliD


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    RIP Marco, thoughts go out to his friends and family, couldn't believe it when my mum told me this morning, put a real dampener on the day, will be a huge loss to the sport with his riding coming along so well and his chracter is what the sport needs when you have people like lorenzo and stoner the moaner about! Especially as Rossi won't go on forever.
  2. ps3ud0


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    Whoa thats hit me big time - Simoncelli was a happy-go-lucky guy and I really enjoyed his mad overtakes and constant brushes with Lorenzo on and off-track. Just saw the video and just kept saying 'Oh My God' - truly horrific accident...

    Was a star of the future, he was brash, exciting, but oh so young - such a shame - MotoGPs going to feel this for a very long time, feel so bad for Rossi as I know this will dwell very deeply for him and may make decisions for him...

    RIP Marco

    ps3ud0 :cool:
  3. Daze

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    Sickening. R.I.P Marco Simoncelli, so much potential, I expected you to be world champ one day and now this, very sad.
  4. Psycho Ned


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    Crikey there are some pretty graphic images on that article, the one shot from the front of Rossi and Edwards going over Marco is a bit much to be showing really.

    Got one with the marshalls dragging the stretcher with him on it off the track as well :(
  5. Kenai


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    To be expected from the scum that populate the Daily Mail offices frankly.
  6. teejay73


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    Damn, That is disgusting the way they are dragging Marco off the circuit like that:eek:, I thought they learnt the lesson with what happened to Tomizawa, This is totally disrespectfull and very shambolic actions taken by the medical staff and marshalls. Dorna needs to look into this! It is reported that Marco died from Head,neck and chest injuries and they are dragging him about like Gaddafi!!:(:(
  7. Street


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    Wow just heard about this, didn't watch the race today as I was busy. That was quite a horrific accident and it'll be a massive loss to the sport!

    RIP Simo! :(
  8. Westyfield2


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    Oh my goodness :(.

  9. King Damager


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    Another one :S This is shockingly awful.

    I wonder how many people will be wearing Black Bands at the next F1 :S

  10. One


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    Yer, it's bad, but if he is properly strapped to that thing then i can't see it being worse than picking it up fully.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2011
  11. Tolmekian


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    This is tragic, rest in peace Marco
  12. Sagalout


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    Completely agree and just left a comment on the site.

    Truly sad day for Motorsport. He was just one of those guys you couldn't help but really like.....a proper racer too
  13. kingy666

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    I have to say that i have never been a motogp fan until this year and i have watched every race because of Marco. A lot of the other riders did not like Marco as they thought he took too many risks but it was his risk taking that made me watch every race. I believe he would have gone on to maybe become world champion.

    RIP Marco and thank you for some great racing.
  14. "andy"


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    where was he reported as being conscious ? seems like speculation rather than from anyone who was actually there.

    the time they declared him dead and the time he died are totally different things depending on your definition of death

    simply looking at the scale of accident and knowing that he was under cardiac arrest when they got to him makes it nearly certain that he won't of felt the long efforts to resuscitate . watch any interview with people involved in near death accidents and they won't remember feeling anything , adrenaline and unconsciousness make sure of that.
  15. cuke2u

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    Hi, it was stated he was conscious in the live coverage on the BBC by one of the commentators, I think it was Charlie Cox...
  16. stulid

    Capo Crimine

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    It was announced by the commentators on BBC2 this morning that he had been taken to the medical centre and was conscious while the race was Red flagged.
  17. james.miller


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  18. GeezerButler

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    Ripped from Autosport:

    Marco Simoncelli died as a result of massive trauma to his head, neck and chest, MotoGP's medical director has confirmed.

    Michele Macchiagodena said the Gresini Honda rider was unconscious when the medical crew reached him on the circuit.

    They performed CPR in both the ambulance and for 45 minutes in the medical centre, but were unable to save his life.

    "Because of the bad crash to him during the race, he was hit by other riders, he reported a very important trauma to the head, to the neck, and to the chest," Macchiagodena reported.

    "When our medical staff arrived on him he was unconscious. In the ambulance, they started CPR [cardiac pulmonary resuscitation].

    "Immediately in the medical centre he was incubated, and it was possible to evacuate and take some blood out from the thorax.

    "The CPR was continued for 45 minutes because we thought to help him as long as we thought it was possible.

    "Unfortunately it was not possible to help him and at 16.56 we had to declare he was dead."

    Race director Paul Butler said the accident would be investigated, but said that was for another occasion.

    He said all thoughts were with Simoncelli's family: "Our sympathies go to his family. We want to show every respect possible to him."
  19. helpimcrap


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    Marco was one of my favourite riders as so genuine and just 'nice'... (

    R.I.P. #58. :(

    a pretty horrible weekend for freak crashes and injuries as Bradders and Marquez were out... then the Moto2 between corti and someone else had a pretty huge collision to red flag that one too. :(
  20. Sin_Chase


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    RIP, tragic. A very brutal crash also. :(

    Just to clear up for anyone reading the Autosport extract it should read intubated and not incubated, 2 very different things.