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MSI Tomahawk Max - Really slow POST

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by eidolon, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Nerusy

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    This is not MSI exclusive issue though, as far as I am aware, all zen 2 CPUs are are slow to post and I believe 1st gen ryzen also had this issue that was later fixed...much later. Here is hoping this will be fixed, I am used to 10 sec boot to windows, whereas with ryzen its around 40-50sec.
  2. Mookyfoo


    Joined: Aug 9, 2019

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    My Tomahawk Max from pressing the button to sign in takes 20seconds, windows task manager says 18.3 secs. I can live with this but seems odd my 3 year old laptop takes half this.

    Setup is:
    Ryzen 3600.
    Bios set to UEFI
    Sabrent 512gb Rocket
    16gb Corsair
  3. Doogles


    Joined: Mar 22, 2014

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    I really have no idea wherever to buy into Zen 2 with these issues, doesn't look like Intel is going to be releasing anything worthwhile for some time though.
  4. Quartz


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    Does the issue occur on 5xx motherboards?
  5. Jamin280672

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    No, seems like most boards that you stick a RyZen 3000 series into.

    I narrowed mine down to 2 post codes on the reader that it seems to get stuck on for much longer than other codes, they dont stop it from posting, but it just seems to get stuck there for a while, id hazard a guess that they are more related to the CPU than anything, I would also consider it to be maybe the chipset too, however as people on B450 boards are suffering the same problem, its kinda ruled out the chipset for me.

    The 2 codes it pauses on are:

    02: AP Initialisation before microcode loading
    92: PCI bus initialisation started

    Maybe someone else with a post code reader on their boards can confirm its getting stuck on the same codes ?

    Hopefully it can be fixed with bios updates.
  6. melmac


    Joined: Dec 19, 2010

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    The slow post for me on my MSI x570 motherboard was that it defaulted to CSM not UEFI. Once I changed it to UEFI it became much quicker.
  7. bertybenno


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    Hi guys just installed my tomahawk max today seems fine so far no problems, what's the game boost bit in the bios and do I need to enable it?
    I've a 3600x
  8. strocky


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    Looks like sticking with the non-max board was a good move for me
  9. Nerusy

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    Joined: Jul 12, 2010

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    From looking around online no, do not enable game boost, it is useless and may be dangerous.
  10. MrPils


    Joined: Jun 29, 2009

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    Enable UEFI and Disable CSM for optimal post times. My post time is around 8 seconds, windows loads in a further 6 seconds for a total boot time of just under 15 seconds from switched off. Cold boot takes longer due to memory training, just don't switch off or unplug your psu.

    Post times are much longer with CSM enabled and/or UEFI disabled on both my boards (MSI B450i and Gigabyte X570i), around 20 seconds to clear post. If you combine that with a cold start (power off at wall) it takes around 45 seconds just to clear post. Secure boot mode might increase post time too, I don't use it and haven't tested.

    Referencing the two codes a few posts above, 02 is early bios initialisation (UEFI/Legacy), 92 is CSM/UEFI loading drivers. The 92 pause is most likely caused by CSM being enabled, but could also be down to a bad/old UEFI firmware on an add in card. Some Nvidia Maxwell cards had firmware updates to specifically address this issue many years ago (my reference Palit 970 cards were affected), they used to hang on 92 for ages with CSM enabled.
  11. Chaze


    Joined: Jun 12, 2019

    Posts: 87

    Received this today as part of new build and no problems so far.
    Updated to latest bios, enabled XMP.
    Takes around 20 seconds to get to Windows screen.
    No issues, doing exactly what it should do.