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16 Oct 2002
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Known issues (updated 03/03/17)
  1. Users in MM cannot close their own thread RESOLVED
  2. 20 posts per page default RESOLVED Default is set to 30, same as vB
  3. No spoiler button (currently buried in a drop down) RESOLVED
  4. No ability to confirm post edits for users. Mods ok RESOLVED
  5. "New" tag overlapping original posts. Quotes are fine RESOLVED
  6. The "you've posted" in this thread icon is no longer there RESOLVED
  7. Drop shadow around user avatar box is gash RESOLVED
  8. Swear filter showing BBcode instead of **** RESOLVED
  9. Font colour change icon could do with some colour. Appears to look like the underline tool
  10. Total number of members not comparable to VB? RESOLVED
  11. Post history containing big gap September 2016 -> February 2017 RESOLVED
  12. Font for upper most menu (username etc) is in Times New Roman (iOS 10 mobile)
  13. No requirement for RTM forum if RTMs are going to "Reports" RESOLVED
  14. Moderation queue menu only showing if items in the queue. Possible to have always-on status like reports?RESOLVED
  15. When the notification pops up to tell you that there's a new alert you can't seem to dismiss it? Clicking on the x just takes you to the top of the page where the alerts are located RESOLVED
  16. Home and Forums in bread run trail both link to main index. Suggest removal of one RESOLVED
  17. A few subforums missing; Wanted, Football Stadium and Cycling in sports etc RESOLVED
  18. Some usernames are caught in swear filter when quoted. Likewise banned terms within words is screwy e.g. S****horpe RESOLVED
  19. Only Spie showing as Staff member RESOLVED
  20. Vendor rep / OcUK staff title not showing for respective usergroups RESOLVED
  21. "Most likes" is still a section if you go in to "Notable Members" RESOLVED
  22. No collapsible forums on main index RESOLVED
  23. Threads which have triple digit numbers of pages (100+) aren't displaying correctly i.e. without overlapping RESOLVED
  24. Notification that each forum contains new posts is too subtle - needs colour i.e. OcUK logo white vs grey isn't a contrast RESOLVED
  25. Underbosses not showing in the correct usergroup although avatar is correct RESOLVED
  26. White font on white background when adding or editing a "tag" for a thread RESOLVED
  27. :o emoticon is the same as :eek: RESOLVED
  28. Edit, Warn, IP etc buttons overlap text in small posts (mobile only)
  29. PMs and deleting messages for users is turned on by default INTENTIONAL FEATURE
  30. Clicking on the latest post takes you to the latest post, rather than the last unread post RESOLVED (click the unread icon)
  31. Alerts working on quotes, but doesn't appear to be on mentions. RESOLVED
  32. Dividing line between message body and signature is shifted right, not in line with sig. RESOLVED
  33. Black edit/reply boxes really need to have a blue background, they look really badly out of place. RESOLVED
  34. Quick reply box needs to be the same height as the adjacent avatar IMO
  35. User titles are wrong in "People you follow". For example, Maccy is a Don, shows as Capo. RESOLVED
  36. No ability to add polls? RESOLVED
  37. The OP flag against the original poster all through the thread has gone. I think we all liked that. /update OP flag is returning, when other issues have been resolved and a better place is found
  38. When clicking on the header for a group of subforums, we used to get a new screen with just the subforums listed, so for example if I clicked on Apple, all I saw was the Apple Hardware and Apple Software subforums. RESOLVED
    Now it just reloads the main forum screen with the clicked header at the top. Far from ideal. RESOLVED
  39. Spacing between a quote and a reply is non-existent. Needs at least 1 line added. RESOLVED
  40. The Alerts drop down could use some tweaks to the styling (see spoiler)
    The hover over version of an alert is perfect, the links and key words are highlighted properly.


    However, the non hovered text isn't very readable. There needs to be more separation between the thread name and the descriptive text.

  41. No option to change time format to 24 hour clock - Appreciate this isn't a bug but please can it be added.
  42. Vendor rep avatar has incorrect spelling "vender". Needs updating. RESOLVED
  43. Youtube videos in { MEDIA=youtube} tags need changing to the new {{U}media=YouTube{/U}} format RESOLVED
  44. Soft delete posts don't line up RESOLVED
  45. Ability to turn off avatars and/or sigs RESOLVED
  46. Editing a post creates multiple post headers (see post here) RESOLVED
  47. No delay between creating new posts (previously reserved for admins only) - 20 seconds was the old delay IIRC NOT A BUG
  48. Reply button has been changed to "Quote" which looks confusing next to "+Quote". Suggest changing "+Quote" to "+Multi" as it used to be. RESOLVED
  49. Can't go to first post from Thread list as no page 1,2,3 indicators visible and clicking thread title goes to last unread/latest. e.g. for thread titles like "Info in 1st post" RESOLVED
  50. Can't enter an edit reason
  51. No edit reasons, edit time, or edited by shown within the post - only viewable via History button
  52. Anchored buttons (e.g. edit, quote etc) float over the top of the "Previous versions" button when viewing edit history
  53. No Strike through button in Rich Text Editor RESOLVED
  54. The post numbers e.g. (#165) link implicitly based on page number e.g. this breaks depending on what the user's posts per page is set to RESOLVED
  55. Users can't choose which avatar they have - It's either off or no, no option to specify NOT A BUG
  56. Could the Forum and Shop have different favicons?

Taken the issues raised here and put them in one place. Please update this post :)
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19 Oct 2002
on the old forum I could tell the threads I'd posted in by a little dot next to them. Is there something similar for this forum? I can't see one?
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