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** Official Ubuntu Thread **

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by opethdisciple, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Stelly


    Joined: Oct 5, 2005

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    but you want Windows functionality... I want my Ford to run like a Ferrari but its not a Ferrari, so I wont get the same features and it won't run like one :D BUT if I had to choose an alternative then Ubuntu would be it, you might want to look at Wine as well if you want to run Windows stuff on Ubuntu :)

  2. manic111


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    Haha, fair point.

    To be honest, 80% of what I do is in a web browser, which I presume Ubuntu does equally well. The word processing etc stuff can easily transition to Google Docs, so it's only the gaming that's left and that's a pretty small deal to me.

    My question is less to do with what programs run on Ubuntu (I accept that I'll be able to run less and by and large that's fine for me), and more to do with whether for the average / slightly above averagely computer literate person, it is now a viable and reliable OS.

    (Also, very familiar with Wine having frequently wrestled with it on my last forays into Linux 5 or so years ago.)
  3. Stelly


    Joined: Oct 5, 2005

    Posts: 10,993

    Location: Liverpool

    100% yes, might take some getting use too but Ubuntu Desktop I have heard has matured very well over the years, as anything it will be a steep learning curve but I always here time and time again of people trying it out, liking it but going back to Windows or Mac... give it a go mate, best way to see if you like it :)

  4. Cromulent


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    Upgraded both of my servers from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 and I'm very impressed with how natural the upgrade process was. Everything seems to be running well, and my websites have had a nice speed boost because I've been able to deploy HTTP/2 on them all which Ubuntu 16.04 didn't support.
  5. opethdisciple


    Joined: May 18, 2010

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    Quite liking the new 18.10 version. Nice upgrade form 18.04 and previous Ubuntu versions.

    Seems stable, fast and things just work.


    Is there any reason why some software is a little behind the latest versions?

    For example LibreOffice comes with the OS but is a few minor versions behind and also VirtualBox is in the repositories but is also a few minor versions behind.

    I could update them to the last versions manually but was wondering if there was a reason for this?

    What I notice as a difference is the version are _ubuntu for example. Which indicates to me these are ubuntu specific versions. Probably tested.


    One thing which is great but unexpected is in Ubuntu videos on websites and YouTube just work! Not sure if it's flash or not but in Fedora you just get an error message that the video couldn't play back due to an error.

    This is in Firefox on both operating systems. I doubt Firefox on Ubuntu is being shipped with Flash pre-installed.
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