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Powered desktop speakers with connections on right speaker

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by Mcthommo, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. monkentage


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    Would there be any negatives plugging some NS3s into a odacamp thing via RCA? It's convenient for switching to headphones and back.
  2. Mcthommo


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    now needing to connect both a PC and Xbox one to a set of speakers- like the look of the Mackie CR3 but they only have rca and bluetooth- any ideas of how I could get the Xbox to work as it has only optical or hdmi out

    N.B would I be right in thinking that if I connected PC, mac mini & Xbox One into say a Dac Magic, then single output to speakers, I could choose the source that would play? I hope so as I just picked up a Dacmagic with 2 digital inputs, 1 usb for a good price.
    Will think I will try the Mackie speakers now
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  3. Whoop

    Wise Guy

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    I don't think that there is a CR3 with Bluetooth but the CR4BT have rca + phono + 3.5mm + Bluetooth input, the 3.5mm is on the front and you can put some RCA>Phono adapters in the back if you want 2 x RCA instead.
  4. Mcthommo


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    Been a change and now only need speakers with single 3.5mm jack as the DAC magic has all the inputs needed
  5. Marsman


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    You don't necessarily need 3.5mm input as RCA is no difference when using a RCA to 3.5mm lead. Looking at speakers with 3.5mm input only, just restricts your choice.

    Speakers with RCA input:-

    Mackie CR3/4
    M Audio AV32/42
    Edifier 1280T, R1600T III, R1800T III
    Presonus Eris 3.5

    Mackie speakers have a selector switch (mentioned in a previous post) which allows you to select which channel the powered speaker is used for, but that really isn't needed as an advantage with RCA input, is that you can swap the left and right plugs around to choose which side the powered speaker goes on.
  6. Mcthommo


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    Marsman- I was aware of the RCA situation but now due to a massive reduction in footprint size, I have had to scale this back to the Logitech Z207 which have Blutooth and a 3.5mm input- I was intending on the Mackie's as they look perfect for what I was looking for but The Boss has put the kybosh on them as they are not "computer speakers" although I have managed to sneak the DacMagic to keep the connections on show to a minimum