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Putting down a pet...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vengance, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. .SJ


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  2. Psyk


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    I probably should have had my dog put down. She probably had a stroke. I found her one day sitting in the kitchen covered in poo and she could barely move. If my parents hadn't just gone on holiday they probably would have taken her to the vets to be put down. I just looked after her and waited until they came back. She died naturally not long after they got back. Saved on the vet bill at least.
  3. stumpy187


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    Had a similar thing just recently. Our dog was 14 and he always lifted his head when you walked in the room and wagged his tail but his back legs and 1 front had swollen up and he could barely get up we had it booked for him to be put down but my step mum was practically crying when we took him and the vet said since the dog means so much how about he gives some pills to help the swelling for a few days then see for any improvement.

    Few days later he could barely stand up and we had to put him down. I never cried myself but my step mum whos dog it actually was, was crying for like 2 days.
  4. Fuzz


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    Taking one of my cats home after it had been to the vets to be put down was particularly hard, it was twitching in the box on the passenger seat:(
    I couldn't see clearly to drive. :(
  5. Parsley

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    If the pet is happy then why put him down? When they are suffering that is the time to do it. I have a similar situation with a 15 yo Weimaraner but she's still happy and toddles about so until she is suffering from her age she lives on :).
  6. Lamo


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    I have been through it myself as well mate. It's not nice and does hurt but all I can say is life goes on and you'll come to just remember the good times.

    Keep your chin up

  7. _dogma_

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    What you've quoted is really sweet Takhisis.

    I'm sorry about Merlin, I didn't know he died. RIP little guy. :(
    He'll be over Rainbow Bridge scampering with Dory :)
  8. EVH


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    Just thought I'd chime in..

    Recently (Monday), our pet labrador went to the vets for an operation to remove a growth from her foot. No big deal.

    Anyway, while we were there I asked about some other lumps that I'd found on her body; long story short, the vet told me what he did last time I saw him.. they were fatty deposits and nothing to worry about. So, I finish work today (pretty late) and I stop by my parent's house on the way home, to see how she's doing (the dog). Apart from the hobble, and obvious tenderness our dog seems fine.. wagging her tail and being as playful as usual.

    That's when my mum hit me with the bombshell; It turns out that they weren't fatty deposits at all, but cancer, and it's all through her body. Lumps on her head, feet and stomach.

    She's about 15 years old now, which is pretty old for a lab, and to be honest as she's been apart of my life since I was 9, I am devastated. So much so, I cancelled my night out. Had a long talk with my mum, and we're in two minds about putting her down. Half of me can see the deterioration (she's lost about 2 stone recently), but then the other half of me sees the life still left in her.

    We haven't decided what we're going to do, just yet. I've got a feeling that we'll just wait and see a bit longer, I just seems too cruel to end her life when she's still so active, but I don't want her to suffer further.

  9. Bes


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    Yep we had exactly the same thing with our Golden Lab about 3 years ago... Blind, deaf, Alzhiemers, and crippling arthritis.... Was horrible, and I don't want to try and give you any patronising crap, but 16 is damn good for a dog, and I am sure he had a great life.... It hurts, but unfortunately it is one of those awful things that just has to be done sometimes.
  10. Takhisis

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    Thank you :) It wasn't the best way to start the new year :( Since then we got two new ginger babies, Nobby and Carrot, to go in with Greebo and Dibbler :)
  11. Abooie


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    I had 2 cats from Kittens, Clem & Clancy (brother and sister named by the Cats Protection League).

    Clemy was my little baby, and used to lie upside down on my lap but he always a little sod. On birthdays he would hop up on the TV look at me and knock the cards off and after the birth of my first daughter he started spraying me after I'd been away on holiday etc. I'd have a shower, put on clean clothes and that would be that.

    16 months ago I moved house and that was the start of 6 months hell. Spraying and Anally excreting daily everywhere.

    My wife and I tried everything and spoke to the vet on numerous occasions. We spent a money on plug in hormone sprays and enzyme solutions but it became clear this could not go on.

    I put in a magnetic cat flap to banish him to the garden (so his sister could come in) but started picking on her and soon worked out he could bite her neck as she came through the flap so he could get in too.

    To cut a long tale short.. after my wife admitted to me she saw him once on the drive and really wanted to run him over and none of the local farmers or cat protection places would take him I requested his termination.

    The vet who did it admitted after with a tear in her eye that they'd actually discussed one of them taking him as he was (he really was) quite a cutie before he sprayed in the corner! I did feel bad for a few weeks as we not really conditioned to deal with killing animals in this country but in all honesty it was the best thing we could have done, I just wished I'd saved the £50 and thrown the little **** in the river!
  12. Vengance


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    This morning at about 11 he was put to sleep, i held him while they injected him, wanted to be with him for his last moments.
    He is being cremated and his ashes put in a wooden box with his name on a brass plaque.
    Amazing how a tiny white dog going can make a house suddenly feel so empty, its not like he barked much even.
    We'll be looking at getting another puppy in the next couple of weeks, another Bichon Frisé hopefully. Anyone know any good places to find a puppy? I know everyone will say go check the local rescuse places, but its not very likely we'll see one there.