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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Camalot, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Roar87


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    Well it was voluntary redundancy, so they sent out offers to everyone and a certain amount of people said they'd like to take it, then they picked who they were going to let go out of the people who volunteered. These people also had 6 months between their leave date and finding out they were leaving. It's pretty bad for morale at a company when they make a load of people redundant, even the people who don't get made redundant will start looking for new jobs as it looks like they're on a sinking ship.
  2. Maundie

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    When I was made redundant (it was 4 years ago now) I was paid a sweetener which included my notice period and left after a couple of weeks, I got £35k and when I went to the Job Centre I was given JSA immediately without any major paperwork issues, my claim adviser also said it didn't matter how much payoff I got as I'd got it based on contributions (I had been in the company 22 years).

    It looks like your out the door regardless (some of our guys clung on until being wheeled out) so I would weigh up if it's better to jump with the extra payment, just be aware that if you have redundancy cover on your mortgage/loans that it will not pay out if you take voluntary redundancy so if you do have that and depending how much your payments are it may be better to stick around until forced out.

    Either way you need to get everything in writing and also work with the union but don't let them do something you're not comfortable with (My union rep the day before I was due to leave said they were trying to get me re-instated because the criteria used to include people I didn't meet 100%, I told them not to fight it as I wanted to leave). as sometimes the union can get a bit bullish and not work in the best interests of the member.
  3. Quartz


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    You need to check. But to do that you need the offer details in writing. The DSS has the Rapid Response Seervice to help you here rrs.enquiries@jobcentreplus.gov.uk but you will get the best advice from them if you can give them the exact details of the offer.

    And don't be afraid to ask for half a day off to consult a solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau.
  4. Pipe & Slippers


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    I haven't seen any mention of Payment in Lieu of Notice (PILON). It's always taxable. Your company may have included that in the £3k or the £2.5k
  5. MonkeyBasher


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    Its all Universal Credit now. Its all means tested and it all requires loads of paperwork, back dated bank statements (so you cannot remove the cash) and loads ok ID checks. Depending on how long you claim for and also randomly they ask for all the above again - repeatedly. You will also have to go to the Job Centre whenever they say and attend job clubs /group sessions. Depending on your job/career the amount of actual help you will get to find a job will be minimal. For example offering someone with a Computer Science Degree a 2 day word processing course. Its soul destroying do everything in your power to avoid this. Its also likely to take the best part of 6 weeks to process your claim in the first place.
    Your redundancy payout will not affect the basic JSA part of UC or your NI payments but everything else like your council tax (seperate application) and your rent/mortgage will be means tested.

    Also I am almost certain you were entitled to have someone with you in the meeting you have allready had and they should of informed you of this.
  6. Washout

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    Probably depends upon the industry but if word got out they treat people poorly in redundancy then you're less likely to attract sought after staff for new roles.
    Also, and not sure on this, but they might have set a precedent with decent pay offs for staff in the past which they just continue to honour for future redundancies.

    I know my place were giving a month per year as opposed to a week from speaking to former colleagues.
  7. Foghorn Leghorn

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    redundancy payout is tax free up to £30k, pilon and holiday pay is taxed as usual.
  8. SpeedFreak


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    On that basis you realistically have 3/4 months to find something new.
    There is also a degree of precedent which can tie the employers hands to some extent.
  9. Jumper118


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    start looking for a new job now then.
  10. skeet


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    It’s not universal credit if you have qualifying NI contributions, it’s new style JSA. Universal Credit is an income related benefit, which is for when you don’t qualify for a contribution based benefit. When you claim contribution based benefit, savings are not taken into account, as you have qualified for it by your NI contribution.
  11. XeNoN89


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    I've just had similar but requested everything in writing. Extra £900 on top of my standard redundancy, plus my notice period paid in lieu if I leave end of the month. Going to see a solicitor tomorrow.
  12. Energize


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    Months + stat notice + stat redundancy has to be more than £10k surely?
  13. IvanDobskey


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    30k of mine was tax free.

    Although it was a pretty tough time to go through, they did me a favour really. Now I have I higher paid job and 45k in the bank towards a bigger house.
  14. platinum87


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    I think its a good deal IMO, if my company offered the same i would take it immediately.

    But then again i'd be back at the same job, different company within a week, and i'd have made essentially 8k bonus.

    But i would never get that offer where i am, the company i work for will no doubt rack up massive debt, bleed everything dry, file for bankruptcy etc, the parent company will own most of the debt and will put that as losses to reduce tax.

    5.5k in addition to the legal 2.5k.. I can call my HQ right now they will all start laughing hysterically.
  15. billysielu


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    Take the payoff and find a new job. No point staying somewhere that doesn't want you.
  16. IvanDobskey


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    I even wrangled an extra 5k training up my replacement. Got a nice trip abroad to do it too :p
  17. KillBoY_UK


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    I got hammered on tax and student load payments on my Redundancy payment, might of been sue to the holiday I had not used and what not
  18. BrightKenzi


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    That is correct. It would be unfair dismissal in case of failure to give adequate warning of redundancy or failure to consider alternative employment. There are other grounds too according to this but don't think they apply to OP's case.
  19. Kemik


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    You don't really have a choice. If you are being made redundant then you want to maximize the amount you can yet. If you think you can genuinely get more, push for it. Maybe offer them an amount. However, you need to be aware that they don't have to and can give you statutory if you get too cheeky.
  20. Pipe & Slippers


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    Unlike this lot then...

    HONDA workers facing the chop will be handed six-and-a-half weeks' redundancy pay for every year they have worked at the car giant's Swindon plant under a new deal.
    Staff yesterday welcomed the payout as a "very good deal".
    And Paddy Brennan, Unite shop steward at the plant, said workers would also get a nine per cent pay rise over the next three years – in a deal he described as a win-win. Unite members would be balloted on the pay deal.
    “They’ve really listened to what we’ve said,” he added of the Honda directors. “Everybody’s upset the factory’s closing. I’ve been there for 25 years. I’ve got a son in there.