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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Random Guy Esq., May 16, 2018.

  1. Random Guy Esq.

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  2. arc@css


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    Great news :cool:, though I always imagined it would be a case of when rather than if.

    There was an indication that it was back in development some years ago, but the only news coming from GSC in recent times seemed to focus on Cossacks. I guess it sold well, or well enough anyway.

    Thanks for the heads up. :)
  3. Bishie

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    Three years is a long way off! To put things into perspective, we'll probably see the Elder Scrolls VI before then, not to mention the next-gen consoles!
  4. Boycey0211


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    A long way off isnt necessarily bad, as long as its not early access I'll be happy. I'd rather something to look forward to than it end up flopping early.
  5. neoboy


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    Seeing how I thought studio wasn't even around anymore, not a bad piece of news.
  6. Mark A


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    I'll believe it when it actually happens. Already got excited for Stalker 2 and then massively let down when it was canceled out of the blue. Then again by the various games that cropped up by ex Stalker devs that turned out to be crappy multiplayer games and nothing like the Stalker games we were all wanting them to make. I really hope this is a single player game similar to the originals.

    Also 3 years is ages off.. Hadn't they already been working on Stalker 2 for a while before they canceled it?
  7. harry5522


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    3 years isn't long at all in the scope of game production time. Most games take a considerable amount more time than that.
  8. CaptainRAVE


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    Same boat here. However, amazing if it actually happens and is as good as the original. One of the most atmospheric games in existence.
  9. damadom0


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    Good news, I just hope it’s developed for PC first.
  10. SS-89


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    Not getting my hopes up, it was announced back in 2010 before GSC went under. Since they were resurrected in 2014 they have released cossacks 3 which was broadly fine from what I can tell. Really hope they have the funding to see it through to the release date in 2021.

    Also a lot of the development talent moved to 4A games (Metro series) and Vostok games so again tempering my expectations.

    Presumably been in development and design for longer than that since Cossacks 3 was released in Sep 16 and also imagine there is some design carry over from when it was previously announced in 2010.
  11. arc@css


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    As said, three years isn't long for triple-A game development. The first game took something five or seven years before it was released (in a cut down form).
  12. Bubo


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    Please, please, please don't let this be some Battle Royale style multiplayer only framework game with loot boxes and assorted rubbish, I don't think I could handle that, seriously.
  13. tek81

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    I got my hopes up about this before. Not going to again. I'll play it if/when it releases.
  14. the_jetsetwilly


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    "get out here stalker" "come back in 30months"
  15. shamus21

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    Best game ever for me, 3 years is a long wait anything can go wrong between now and then just hope they can see it through to the end.
  16. Paul_cz

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    Call of Pripyat is still the best open world shooter ever made, by huge margin.

    If they can take that game's design and craft well told story with new next gen graphics, they would have a winner on their hands.

    But yeah 3 years is too long so I will not be getting hyped for now.

    I hope Grigorovich rehires the people who made the originals.
  17. Parky

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    I'm cautiously optimistic given how things panned out in the past, hopefully things will work out well and we'll get a proper sequel.

    I just hope that they are able to capture the atmosphere/feel of the first games, they had such a great sense of foreboding danger and dread.

    It was a surreal experience going to Pripyat for real and half knowing my way around without ever being there before :D
  18. arc@css


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  19. pooley


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  20. opethdisciple


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    Despite being a massive Metro fan I never enjoyed the Stalker games.