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Setting up Pi-hole

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by NoNameNoNumber, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. maj

    Wise Guy

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    Not noticed any slowdowns or latency on my zero w (but wired).
  2. Armageus


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    Thanks both - in my head it was probably more just stealth justification for wanting another Pi :)

    Only had a pi for couple of days and already have a list of things to try or that I could use it for.

    Next step is likely squid or nginx to help cache steam and psn updates, to reduce the pressure on my crap internet. Thinking a Pi3+ would probably be better for that for the faster Lan if nothing else.
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  3. MonkeyBasher


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    I use an original day1 PI1 for my pihole. It sits there on 0% CPU most of the time, shoots up to 2-3% when there is any internet traffic. When running the admin GUI and using the pages it uses between 10-75% CPU but never goes much higher than that.
    With the lists I am using I see it blocking between 15-20% of all requests and my general browsing and initial page loading sped up noticably.
  4. Feek


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    No difference whatsoever. In fact, my primary Pi-Hole which is providing DNS and DHCP for about 40 devices is running on an original Pi Zero (not even a W).
  5. arfoll


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    Well a 3B+ will get you much better ethernet, thought its still on USB so it's still comparably bad. Imho for an actual device where you care about networking there are much better boards out there.
  6. Feek


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    For the amount of traffic, even a 100Mb connection is perfectly adequate. My Zero runs with a £5 Ethernet adapter so the total cost for the hardware was less than a tenner.
  7. bledd


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    The GUI speed of the PiHole is vastly improved from the Pi 1 to the Pi 2.

    I run mine on a Pi 3 (along with a few other things)
  8. IC3


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