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*** The 2010 Gym Rats Thread ***

Discussion in 'SA Archive' started by Freefaller, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. B1C3P


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    To be fair I have the cash to do it all so not a problem, but it's space for it all thats the problem lol. I'd love to open my own gym but it's premises thats the problem v expensive...

    I hate the cold gym, because I like to train with my top either off or just in vest so I can see how I look as daft as it may sound. And a freezing cold gym with nothing but a space heater which im getting high on all the fumes as no ventilation almost passing out lmfao.
  2. kai


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    Has anyone used Marvel before - got talking to someone who had been in prison for a while last night during a party, and i asked the question how in mates maintain body composition with the lack of protein.
    I was informed everyone used Marvel, they drink it several times a day and it’s mixed with water. He reckoned it’s high in protein and cheap. This can be purchased from any supermarket.

    I am thinking the quality of the protein must be of low quality; however this might be a cheap alternative to the likes of thistle milk

    Anyone used this before or have any knowledge?
  3. BennyC


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    Xbox Kinect Track & Field is brilliant! Also actually quite a decent workout in itself!
  4. tom_e

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    Its just skimmed milk powder isnt it? from what I've read they only use it as the whey they can get inside is very expensive
  5. icecold

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    Last A day of 10x2 yesterday went really well.

    Squat 147.5x10x1, 150x10x1 both sets really fast. Wish I had taken it higher, possibly could have had 160kg
    SLDL 152.5kgx10x2
    Inc DB bench ????? lol I've just noticed I completely forgot to do these. Should have been 45kgx10. I'll just do them next session
    Pullup 10kgx10x2
    Dips 32.5kgx10x2 could have gone higher really
    HC2PP 62.5kgx10x2 hard, but mostly from a cardio point of view
    Calf stuff - didn't do, did some plyo jumping work instead

    Gutted about the db bench! My phone was playing up and I keep my weights on there which made things interesting. Oh well, was still a good session. I'm well on track for a squat PB if things keep going as they are. Adding 60kg in less than a year would be awesome.
  6. smyth


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    Anyone seen the new Tim Ferriss book The 4-Hour Body?

    My bro has it on his kindle and it looks pretty good.
  7. BennyC


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    My friend was telling me about this.

    Though to clarify for anyone who's not heard of it, it's not a 4 hour workout or anything like that. Just one mans attempt to significantly decrease his bodyfat in 2 weeks? Though I might not be entirely correct.