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*** The 2013 Gym Rats Thread ***

Discussion in 'SA Archive' started by Morba, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. JohnnyDrama

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    WTB 2014 thread
  2. Zatoichi.uK


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    Any advice on a general routine for my needs chaps? I'd like to put on a small amount of mass, lose a small amount of belly fat but in general like to focus on general fitness, mobility and stamina. I play squash and have been following some home fitness DVDs (30 day shred) to prepare myself for something more intensive.

    I've considered circuit training, free weights, running, classes, swimming etc. but am not sure where to start. Any advice appreciated.
  3. BennyC


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    Sticky thread at the top :)
  4. elmarko


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    Ok, new year I thought I'd try a new routine for a bit of variety to keep me interested.

    It was my first GVT leg day Friday so understandably I couldn't walk for toffee crap the day afterwards - but I did feel like a good workout.

    I did 10x10 back squats, 10x10 leg curls, 3x20 calf raises & 3x20 weighted crunches.

    Anybody else have much experience of the GVT 10x10?, the below routine I got on-line - the only thing is that I'd like to stick dead-lifts in here somewhere but not sure where would be optimal.

    Day 1 – Chest and Upper Back.
    Bench-press 10x10
    BB row 10x10
    Dumbbell Flyes 3x20
    Seated Rows 3x20

    Day 2 – Legs and Abs.
    Back squat 10x10
    Leg curl 10x10
    Calf Raises 3x20
    Weighted Sit Ups 3x20

    Day 3 – Off

    Day 4 – Shoulders and Lats.
    Overhead press 10x10
    Pull ups 10x10
    Bent Over Reverse Flyes 3x20
    Straight Arm Lat Pull Downs 3x20

    Day 5 – Biceps and Triceps.
    Dips 10x10
    Dumbbell Curls 10x10
    Tricep Extensions 3x20
    Preacher Curls 3x20

    Day 6 – Off

    Day 7 – Off
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  5. Delvis


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    There is a 2014 thread now dude: Linky
  6. elmarko


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    Good call!, not sure how i missed that - I'll move it over.

    Cheers pal.