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*** The Car Cleaning Thread ***

Discussion in 'Motors' started by wassap, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Housey

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    Sadly that happens to me simply leaving my house and I have to drive down a D/C road that are frequented by tractors for 3 miles before I reach any decent roads. I can't avoid it and I have left my jet wash plugged in so I can wash the main body of crap off each time I use the car, doing the proper wash at the weekend as I did today after 250 miles of Evo Triangle (including there and back) on Friday.
  2. T0pPredator


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    Any advice on what to treat freshly painted brake calipers with?
    Seems wrong to not do something to protect them..
  3. Matt-Page


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  4. MoRT489


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    Search Amazon for autobrite snow foam lance, there is one with Nifilsk connector and comes with magifoam. It's a fantastic combo.
  5. UltimateBadger


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    Still freezing cold down here. Can't wait for some slightly warmer weather to give my new beast a decent clean!
  6. Captain


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    Snow Foam Lance Nilfisk Connector with 500ml of Magifoam - By Autobrite Direct https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HYY0QJK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_2UTNyb9094TRN
  7. RSR


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  8. MichaelAwkward


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    Does anyone know what I can use on plastic fascia to remove scratches? Something abrasive?

    Sandpaper (600, 800, and 1200) and brasso is suggested by Google.
  9. Hyburnate


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    Have you tried a hairdrier or magic eraser?
  10. Cookeh


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    Megs PlastX or similar?
  11. Amos91

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    Carpr Dlux, it can really hack the heat which makes it ideal for calipers.
  12. Gangster


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    Anyone use TFR to do a bulk of the work for the bottom sections of the car?

    Finding it takes me far too long with snow foam, I am really wondering if it is actually doing anything or just looking good. I'm using Avalanche.

    I put quite a bit of avalanche in, and still not cleaning very well I find. I'm wondering if the autobrite is worth it (people here seem to be using it) or whether a pressure wash rinse over the entire car then a wash is worth it.

    I don't mind spending time on the car, but literally within a week it is filthy again?!

    Also bought the bilt hamber wheel cleaner, am not impressed to be honest in terms of doing a good job without having to agitate...

    Does anyone know what I can use to fully get rid of any previous wax/sealant on the car? I want to get rid of everything, then clay, then wax. Thanks
  13. Cleisthenes


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    That's just this time of the year for you I'm afraid. Before I sold the Alfa I used a sealant on that which seemed to keep the car cleaner for longer, you might find this a better option than a wax? Unfortunately where I live the roads are very dirty and there isn't much you can do about dirt apart from giving it a wash down.
  14. Havana_UK


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    Regular washing up liquid is about as good as you'll get for this job. With a good clay afterwards it should leave the paintwork fairly naked.
  15. kona786


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    The claying process itself should strip all the wax/sealant no?
  16. MichaelAwkward


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    Not yet, but it's not just black plastic. It's this stuff:


    The faux plastic shiny wood... it's literally the worst thing about the car. I've got scratches on the cup holder cover/around the handbrake.
  17. Hyburnate


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    That's a nasty one to be honest... I'm not sure I'd want to use anything on that aside from something with a really fine polish on a machine. Do you have a machine?

    How open are you to the thought of wrapping? ;)
  18. Greg0986

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    Bilt Hamber Auto Foam, Krystal Kleen Detail Blizzard (normal or extreme) or Fireball Active Snow Foam are highly rated and I can vouch for all of them.

    If you want to remove dirt without the faf of the snow foam etc, you get get pre-wash. I use Valet Pro Citrus Prewash and that removes about 90% of the dirt. Dilute it into a spray bottle, and spray on the car, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off.

    No, the only real way of removing previous sealants and wax would be abrasive polishing. Companies sell products to remove wax but it doesn't fully remove it, it more of masks it. Clay just isn't aggressive enough.

    In other news, picked up some Autosmart Smart Wheels as I was running low. Awesome stuff for the price (£15 for 5 litres).
  19. Blackhawk47


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    Snow foamed for the first time. I like it...and it did a really good job of cleaning the 90% of the car.

    I wouldn't necessarily say it's required on every wash though.
  20. Phil W


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    I felt the same. It definitely made cleaning the car 'easier' and i was happy knowing that I was doing my best not to create any more swirl damage however the whole process of getting the kit out etc makes washing the car more of a chore.