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The Man in the High castle

Discussion in 'US TV shows discussion.' started by Vidar, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. PlacidCasual


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    I've just finished Season 4 and really liked it. John Smith a man with a plan and never to be underestimated. I thought it was great until the last 2 or 3 minutes. That ending was just a little too bland and idealess.
    I would have been happy if Smith had won and stayed bad. I'd have been happy if Smith relieved of the weight of Nazi Germany changed and recanted some of his behaviour. I thought him killing himself was fine but by making the tunnel the final scene it needed to be cleverer than that. Maybe a General John Smith from a democratic America stepping through. Generally brilliant but it was a tough ask to find a satisfying ending. I don't mind open endings but that one just closed too many avenues and offered nothing intriguing in its place.
    My only gripe was the West Coast plot for the season seemed tacked on like they lost a bunch of actors and scrabbled to find something by introducing a huge bunch of characters hitherto unannounced.[/spoiler]