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*** The official 2019 MacBook Pro thread (it has eight cores and everything!) ***

Discussion in 'Apple Hardware' started by JamesM, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Phemo


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    It's great. You did the right thing hanging out for long enough to skip the butterfly keyboard entirely :D
  2. pingwing


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    I've just caught up on the butterfly keyboard thing, seems a happy coincidence to have missed that :D

    So after quite a long upload of my old Mac to new and a swift read through about the new OS, and why quite a bit of my steam library is blocked off, I am up and running.

    I'm completely blown away! Everything is just that noticeable amount better, screen, keyboard, power, all so much more than a 2012 retina 15 inch. The Touch Bar gives me predictive typing, the speakers are genuinely good (not a patch on the hi fi but still impressive). It's going to be a long weekend of playing games out in the garden

    /ramble over

    This thing is genuinely impressive :cool: