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*** The Official macOS Catalina thread ***

Discussion in 'Apple Software' started by Feek, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Throrik

    Wise Guy

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    Probably not much if any at all - Oh My Zsh is pretty good for stuff, I have worked with both and never been unable to do anything. Bash is probably considered more POSIX compliant, but that may be historical and whether it matters these days.
  2. GSXRMovistar


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    Both desktop and laptop updated, only issue so far seems to be that all cover art in the Music app is not showing, seems to be a common issue from looking at various forums.
  3. Rainmaker


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    As @Throrik said, if you have to ask - the answer is it won't. It's not 100% POSIX compliant OOTB, but can be made so by passing an argument to it in runtime or in .zshrc/.zprofile etc. The differences in practice are very small, and it's a very cool shell. I run it as default on my Arch Linux router (with OhMyZSH installed and configured with useful plugins), and I do like it. My favourite shell is Fish though. :p

    You can read a little more (than you probably wanted to) here, here and here.
  4. Faffer


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    Anyone know how to override the security settings to install an old printer driver from a .pkg file? Keep getting the developer cannot be verified message. Was working fine in Mojave.

    It's a Samsung SL-X3220NR.

  5. beachBOYken


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    Is it 32bit, if so 32bit is no longer supported in Catalina. Just checked my printer drivers on a fairly old Cannon printer and luckily they seem to be 64bit looking in system info. I'm going to wait until the next update to Catalina, before I install. I see they have seeded 10.15.1 BETA 1 the other day.


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    My Cannon laser is not yet supported which is a bit of a pain. Hopefully it will be updated soon as I do use it a fair bit. Currently have Windows installed just so I can print......
  7. beachBOYken


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    I haven't updated yet but I hope mine is supported. I looked under apple system info in software - apps and all the cannon stuff under 64bit info had a 'yes' so I gather that means it should be supported in Catalina