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Twins separated at birth end up getting married

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Haircut, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. 2StepSteve


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    What do you think they will do next? Its a messed up situation.. the report is poor in detail with how long have thay known eachother and how old they are.
  2. SexyGreyFox

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    But for what reason?
  3. The_TailGunner

    Wise Guy

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    its fairly common to have a dna test to check for possible genetic disorders that could be passed on...for example downs syndrome.
  4. gillywibble

    Capo Crimine

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    They both ended up with 'down' syndrome instead.
  5. Elitejungalist


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    I bet they will need psychological counselling after this.
  6. tom_e

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    Its exactly the same if they were seperated after the birth and the kids have been living with who they class as their real parents
  7. Ace Modder

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    I used to work with a girl who married her cousin, and it must mnot be safe as when they had their first child, she had to have various additional tests during her pregnancy.

    I call them Hillbillies
  8. Shoseki


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    The only reason everyone thinks "eww" is because of the genetic possibilities, but I imagine its perfectly possible to have two people love each other that "shouldn't" breed. They shouldn't be forced to seperate, just not to have children together...

    They could still use use contraception / adopt, and live perfectly normal lives without "damaging" the gene pool...
  9. Tefal

    Capo Crimine

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    foster son she's in no way related to is a bit different.
  10. Vita


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    What were the chances huh.
  11. SexyGreyFox

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    We have two areas in Staffordshire called Leek and Cheadle where marrying your relatives is normal.
    You can always tell people from leek or Cheadle because they have 6 fingers and sometimes two heads.

    Anyway -
    Does anybody know the definite answer how the twins ended up finding out?
  12. Wolf11


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    I feel so sorry for them ,very sad story :(
  13. Theguy

    Wise Guy

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    hah my friend used to live in leek, she said the same thing!
  14. PureAppleJuice

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    Lucky they didn't try for a kid!
  15. Butters


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    so are we to assume that they got jiggy with mr biggy? Did they not even have the slightest incling that they looked similar? I know they werent identical, but still.

    Also, I'd love to actually know how they found out. Perhaps it was at the wedding when they both invited their mothers and only one woman turned up! Lollage!
  16. yaboy


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  17. gillywibble

    Capo Crimine

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    Do you, Tweedledee, take this woman, Tweedledum, to be your unlawfully wedded sibling?
  18. KNiVES


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    They can do whatever the hell they want. I don't think it's anybody's decision to split them up or tell them not to express their love for each other just because they've had an unfortunate string of bad luck. It may be incestrual, but it's wrong to force them apart. They love each other and so we must let it be.
  19. drunkenmaster


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    as someone else said, the icky factor is most people imposing their views on how they would feel in the same situation with their sibling but all those feelings are their from growing up together, without that, they are two completely different people and really theres nothing wrong with it. had no one ever known no one would have, or did have a single issue with it. isn't it sad when a simple test and piece of paper can change everyone else's acceptance of something they were completely ok with minutes before they found out.

    The bigger issue with incest isn't the birth of their children, theres an increased risk but we don't force the separation of people with say an uncle and a brother with downs syndrome, from having kids? Stopping people being together based on kids possibly being born with genetic problems is beyond ridiculous its nothing more than enforced eugenics program, but using a very stupid side issue as a cover for it.

    THe biggest issue with incest, or any very small community is several generations of children without much genetic diversity, thats when the real problems spring up.

    Just can't see a single logical reason for them being separated. In any case theres nothing at all remotely stopping them from emigrating to be together somewhere else, or moving apart for a while, letting the fuss die down, moving away and being together. but frankly, they shouldn't have to. When it comes down to it, they are two individuals who got together and were happy, thats as far as it goes theres NOTHING more to the situation than that. Theres nothing to say they have a worse chance of an unhealthy child than anyone else out there. statisically family might have a worse chance, but theres nothing to prove or show that in this case there is, and using that the chance of an unhealthy kid, as a reason they can't be together is awful in this day and age.

    If we don't stop crack heads having kids and taking drugs all through pregnancy and giving birth to kids already addicted to drugs, how in the sweet jesus does this government take it upon themselves to split up two happy people?
  20. Angilion

    Man of Honour

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    It might also be possible, though expensive, to use screened IVF in most cases to remove any possible genetic problems. Apart from identical twins (or identical triplets, etc, if such people exist) people have different genes. Each haploid cell has a selection of half a person's genes - with good enough screening, it would be possible to choose millions of sperm/egg combinations that won't cause any problems even from extremely close relatives.

    The only reason nearly everyone thinks "ewww" is because they've been trained to do so. The possible genetic problems are a rational concern, "ewww" is an emotional response.