1. hominid

    AlphaCoolLCD drivers

    Bit of a long shot this, and I think this is the right section to be in so.. These are from 2006 or so and now the alphacool site is down and I can't find any operable mirrors that aren't scam sites. I'm looking for the above drivers, specifically the AlphaLCD Beta driver for the...
  2. LordFeste

    Alphacool Eisbaer 360mm Noise (video example)

    Alphacool Eisbaer 360mm CPU AIO Water Cooling Unit. Purchased from Overclockers in September 2019. It has developed a grinding noise. I've followed a few of the basic tips which have worked temporarily: tilting the PC; adjusting the setting for the CPU header (ASRock Taichi X570 board); leaving...
  3. Josu

    2080 Ti Cooling options

    So basically i have 2080ti dual and 3900x CPU, and i want to reduce size of that to make 2nd GPU slot accessible. Currently i tried kraken G12 and X62 combo, but unfortunately this one is too big. So i need go for another options. First i found what i can buy Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro and...
  4. Scoiexx

    Case For This Cooler

    Hello my fellow coolers! Just got the Alphacool Extreme cooler and well I miss calculated the space in my case (Damn hidden edges) Would you have any recommendations for a case...
  5. Space Monkey

    Query regarding the Alphacool VPP655 Pump

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the Alphacool VPP655 is a true D5 pump or is it one of the cheaper Chinese clones that some companies are selling? Thanks :)
  6. TangoEchoAlpha

    Planning a first time custom loop - please check out my component list!

    Hi all - I am a complete newbie when it comes to anything PC water cooling related - in fact I have never used an AIO :eek:, having always gone for premium air coolers instead. I decided that this year I would give my first ever custom loop a go and I am just starting to work out what I think I...
  7. WoodWorkLIFE

    I built a PC into a Live Edge Slab Desk

    I built this system into what was already a really nice desk I made out of an 8/4 (2") Walnut Slab. The desk is approximately 5 1/2 feet long, I sit on the left side and the PC sits on the right. The build features a way over the Top Threadripper 1950x and 2 Aorus Waterforce WB edition GTX...
  8. alkapton

    What Alphacool waterblock for stock gtx 780 Help Please!

    I have two Nvidia gtx 780, one is gforce the other is Gigabyte. Both boards seem identical and I assume are stock. I assumed there is a choice of one block, but I have the wrong ones and can now see three blocks all a bit different. I have Alphacool NexXxoS GPX-N 780 M02, the problem is the...
  9. Kai7even

    Bloodchrome - Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 6 Clean Mod Incl. Cnc Parts

    "Bloodchrome" Introduction: Case: Mastercase Pro 6 CPU: i7 5930K Motherboard: ASRock x99 Professional i7 GPU: 2x 290 AMD Retail Ram: ? SSD: ? PSU: Coolermaster V1000 Watercooling: Alphacool 1x 280er & 1x 360er Radiators Construction: - Removable parts in pearl white foil - Mainboard...
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