1. RC1917

    Looking to upgrade Video Editing PC

    Hi all, Really hope this is the right place to post this, and apologies if not. I currently have a PC that I bought already made. I make very simple youTube videos with it and all in all it has been fine and has been relatively useful. The problems that I encounter with it is that in Premiere...
  2. Klutzsm58

    Help confining workstation /gaming rig

    *configuring Hey all I'd appreciated any advice! I'm going to do fresh install I'm trying to decide on best way how to configure my hard drives My PC is used for gaming and video editing / animation HARD DRIVES AVAILABLE: 1x 1tb m.2 nvme 3x 1tb HDD 1x 128gb ssd 1x 40gb ssd (i have it may as...
  3. aforbes

    best (affordable) desktop for editing video

    Hi - I'm looking for a desktop tower/box (am told they are more powerful and cheaper than a laptop) to replace my 12 year old macbook pro. I am fed up with macs and the constant updating, lack of ports etc etc. I want another computer to last another 12 years! I think I'm gonna cross over to...
  4. arconz

    DDR4-4000 Vs 3600, latencies

    Which of the following G.Skill Trident Z 64GB (2x32GB) kits would be best for a Ryzen 5950X? Both are the same price: Royal DDR4-4000 CL18 Neo DDR4-3600 CL16 They will be used in a 3D simulation & editing rig.
  5. OllyCS

    Underperforming GPU?

    Hi All, I am very new to the whole PC spec thing but decided to build my own PC dedicated to editing 4k footage as my laptop was not cutting it. I looked at the specs required for the software I am using (Davinci Resolve 17) here before buying...
  6. Bop448

    Newbie help with a build!

    Hey all, new here! I use to play WoW years ago on a gaming pc but my bro sorted me out and I really don’t have a clue about them so any help would be greatly appreciated. So I’m after a budget build around £500, I will be mainly editing my photography in Lightroom but would like the ability to...
  7. arconz

    New 64GB kit advice for AMD

    Which of the following 64GB kits (2x32) would be best for Ryzen 3900 series? I will actually be buying 4900 series (or whatever they end up calling it) in a couple of months but I assume it will be using the same DDR4? Gigabyte Designare DDR4-3200MHz CL16-18-18-38 Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600MHz...
  8. Dav1988

    Video editing - Live Stream Church PC - Advice required please

    Hi I am planning to build a PC for our Church to perform live stream, video editing via Power Director and office jobs like Word and PowerPoint and etc. I am thinking of below setup. I need your general advice on all parts please. Also to mention that I am a bit reluctant and sceptical on the...
  9. Ben1991

    Newbie PC Build Info For Editing

    Hi all, Firstly, apologies as I know there are a lot of different posts regarding new builds on these forums and I have read quite a few but I couldn't find specifically what I needed so here it goes... I've never built a PC before but I have worked on them all throughout my various jobs so...
  10. deskloner

    Build for Editing / Gaming

    So I’ve just started working as an editor, primarily using Davinci Resolve 16 with plans to integrate After Effects at a later date. I’ve been using a Surface Pro up to now, but it just isn’t cutting it (lol). I was hoping you guys could recommended the best build for handling 1080p footage...
  11. IulianTrifan

    First build - Component list, please advise

    Hi all, I'm looking to build my first PC which I intend to be all purpose, I want it to be good for gaming as well as editing high quality videos and streaming. Component list: MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi Mobo Ryzen 9 3900x CPU Corsair H100i Platinum CPU Cooler 16GB (or 32GB?) Corsair...
  12. moatak787

    Fried motherboard... time for an upgrade (gaming / music & video editing)!

    Hi all! Annoyingly I recently fried my motherboard and so have decided to look at updating a few things given this is now a 10 year machine (with SSD, RAM and GPU upgrades since). Previous setup: MB: Asus P6X58D-E, Intel X58 CPU: Intel Core i7 950 Bloomfield 45nm GPU: 6GB EVGA 980Ti FTW...
  13. harvey.l12

    In the Market for a New Laptop

    Okay, So I,m in the markets for a new laptop and really can’t make my mind up what I want yet. what I want is something around 13” small and easy to carry about. Something that can do day to day tasks, good screen for photo editing and the ability to play some games on every now and then. I’d...
  14. Ethan Rotherham

    New Custom Pc £900-1000

    Looking to get a new build for photoshop, illustrator etc. But also to play games aswell. Looking for Atleast a i5 processor or equivalent, 8-16gb of ram, 240gb+ ssd and Atleast 1tb hard drive. Already got two cases in mind so if the build could be based around one of the cases linked below that...
  15. VarietyBear

    PC for Video Editing and Rendering

    Hi All, Pretty new to everything hardware related. Just wondering if someone would mind letting me know a decent build for Video editing and rendering for around £800 please? Thanks,
  16. Quartz

    Recommended free / cheap editor for dashcam / phone camera videos?

    I recently took some videos illustrating problems with my GPU and uploaded them to Youtube. I would have liked to have edited them a bit before uploading. I've also had the odd sequence on my dashcam of idiots on the road, as well as spectacular rainbows, deer, and other good stuff. It would...
  17. JosephC

    Big, Purple and (Slightly) Overkill Editing Rig

    Good evening, So firstly, this build is complete, I just have to split the post into Part One and then some extras to fit all the pictures in... Secondly, this is my first build in a while and my first ever watercooling loop and seeing as it's already installed (and working), please go easy on...
  18. fiveub

    Philip Bloom - 10 tips for making a GREAT unboxing video!

    I wanted to share this video with you guys because Overclockers UK / noblechairs are featured in the video of course, but also because Philip Bloom had a some fun putting this together, it is a nice short education piece whilst being entertaining at the same time! :) The quality of his work...
  19. asingh1975

    Video Editing Laptop with Thunderbolt 3

    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop that will be used for video editing but i want it to have a thunderbolt 3 port. i will be using Adobe Premier pro, Adobe Audition and lightroom. i may possible also use it to stream live to YouTube. I have been looking around and set my specs at: Intel i7, 16GB...
  20. Resident

    Free and decent video editor without watermarks

    I need to edit a few family videos, make a compilation clips and add text. Some basic preset text animation would be great but not essential I don't want to spend on it if possible Any suggestions
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