1. rangor gubbins

    Claiming on home insurance for smashed window

    Hi all, Anyone got any thoughts or experience with claiming on their home insurance for smashed windows and impact on premiums in subsequent years? The other weekend I was strimming and a stone flicked up and shattered the outer sheet of a double glazing pane. I'm thinking to claim on our home...
  2. Quartz

    Using holiday medical insurance in USA?

    Has anyone any experience of using holiday medical insurance while holidaying in the USA for a serious issue? I hear such horror stories of how the locals get done and bankrupted.
  3. russell664

    Car Write off - Hastings

    Hi all, The missis was hit by an idiot driving an Audi way to quick in a carpark.She came around the corner way too quickly and hit my missus mid lane change. Thankfully everyone is ok. The car is a MK5 GolF GT Sport. Our insurance is hastings direct - The car has sendimental value to it. The...
  4. T_H_2004

    Day U

    I've got a question. I just recently passed (like a month ago) and wanted to insure myself for a day. Most day insurers won't give me a quote but the ones I can find don't cover fleet vehicles. The car I want to insure is a fleet vehicle. Which insurer covers new, young drivers on fleet vehicles...
  5. Alexm1982

    Break checked and crashed

    Hi all, Just wanted your opinion on this one, I was break checked while exiting the M1, I lost control and crashed into the barrier. The Audi sped up along side you forcing you back onto the road and I panicked as other vehicles were coming fast. I was wondering if the insurance see this...
  6. fr0zenbutt3r

    not sure whether to go through amc or tp

    Hiya guys I recently had a car accident, in which my car was a write-off. I’m a bit confused about the accident management company (amc). So essentially I don’t need a hire car from amc, as my insurance offers a hire car. Plus, I’ve read stories of where others have hired a car from amc and...
  7. obito86

    Do I need to declare an air filter?

    Hi, am looking to buy a car that has a typhoon induction system installed. But if i had this to my quote it doubles the insurance and makes it a price that i cannot afford. Would my insurance be void if I dont declare it? Its only an air filter at the end of the day
  8. Car Trouble

    Car accident - trying to work out my rights

    Hi all, I was driving this morning and had a scrape with someone else. Tiny amounts of paintwork damage but their car is expensive and they're asking me to pay for the cosmetic repairs. However, I don't fully accept that I was at fault. I've tried to illustrate what happened...
  9. Quartz

    In the case of pile-ups with many cars, how do insurers & police sort out the claims?

    Imagine there's been a huge pile-up - 20+ vehicles, say - on a dual carriageway or motorway. How do the insurers sort everything out? How about the police?
  10. SkeeterUK

    Learning to drive atm and wondering about what car to get later if i pass

    Hi all. Ive been learning to drive since about april i think now and even tho its late ive just passed my theory test first time, woohoo, and with having a 4hr intro lesson and 2 sets of 10hr and half way through my 3rd set of 10hrs i am hoping that i can do my practical test soonish tho with...
  11. Ag3ntwilson

    Contents insurance question

    Good evening, I am curious , I have a insurance policy ( with Co Op, covering the contents of my house. I have held the same policy now for 3 years . I have a computer which has 3 seperate hard drives inside which has my course work and my personal data , Should I ever need to claim on my...
  12. joshua23132

    Telematics in Vehicles Questionnaire

    Hi! For my dissertation I'm currently conducting a study into Telematics in Vehicles and what the future effects could be of using telematics. The questionnaire is simple and is broken down into sections and can be completed within 5 to 10 Minutes! 16+ and you must own a vehicle! I'm...
  13. prodiigy

    Insurance Start Day

    Hello my renewal is about to come and i have been looking out for insurances. I got a really good quote online that unfortunately had the start day before the renewal by a couple days. Whenever i changed it , it gave me error so i phoned and they said that quote is only available untill that...
  14. Five_Star

    Buying privately - view, tax, insure and drive home in one day?

    I have urgent need to pick up a vehicle and need to really get the whole job done in a day, is it possible? I'll be making several viewings, mostly private, After the usual checks and a test drive if acceptable drive the car home immediately. With the tax changes I'll need to tax it...
  15. .lokii

    cheap, GOOD looking, car suggestions please

    Hopefully this isn't asking too muchbut I really don't know too much about cars sadly. I Live in London and What I need is : Cheap insurance (i've always read to keep it 1.2-1.6l) A Good Looking car 4 doors (not a fan of 2 door cars) I plan to use the vehicle a lot going to and from College and...
  16. Lethagized

    Car Insurance for a 78 year old

    Hello to all you fine young petrol heads out there. I'm looking for car insurance for my dad who is 78years old. So far i've tried hastings who refused to quote, tried ageUK who want £2317 and LVE who want £700 odd for a basic 2006 zafira. This is age discrimination at its finest. He has got 9+...
  17. DB_SamX

    Car hire excess insurance

    I've got 7 days car rental (Auris) booked for Iceland next week from Hertz. I think their excess is around £1400-£1500, and although they sell their own "SuperCover" if I want to avoid paying the excess, it's only available for purchase upon collection. From reading around online, i gather I...
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