1. ojito

    How does clock speed and voltage affects render time in offline multi-thread render engines?

    I'm having trouble with high temps on a 7950x build. I read somewhere that it's supposed to run at 95° but don't like it very much. I was wondering how under-volting and under-clocking can affect a multi-thread process. Will my renders take longer? I'll be happy to loose 10% performance if that...
  2. Gaz1998

    Ram instabilities with XMP DDR5 Any help for Making it work ?

    So I’ve enable Xmp recently on my ram as it can go up to 6000Mhz with the default xmp profile and have noticed instabilities like games crashing etc I was wondering if anyone had any advice or knows how to manually do the overclock? As I’ve heard Xmp and ddr5 is not very good and my motherboard...
  3. Graptik

    13700K Degraded in Minutes?

    I upgraded to a 13700KF about a week ago and have been tweaking my overclock of it ever since. I got it stable at 5.5GHz all P-Cores with E-Cores disabled. I also overclocked my RAM from 3600MHz CL16 to 3900MHz CL17. This configuration was rock solid stable, passing hours of Cinebench...
  4. Rydeon

    Ryzen 7950x Liquid Metal?

    Hi all guys, I'm a new user, I apologize in advance for my bad English, I'm Italian, sorry. I immediately explain the "problem" I have a custom loop with two 360mm radiators (one of which 60mm with push pull fans), Ekwb Kinetic pump. I am only cooling my CPU, the GPU is air cooled. The liquid...
  5. GS66_OC

    RTX 2070 Max-Q Refresh Shunt not working

    Hi All, Specs are as follows: MSI GS66 10SF CPU: 10750H (Liquid Metal) GPU: RTX 2070 Max Q Refresh (Liquid Metal) VRMS and Memory cooled with K5 Pro paste and 3 additional copper heatsinks (2 for VRMS and 1 for CPU) Temperatures are really good, on overclocked GPU (+137 Core +900 mem)...
  6. PaulusGi

    Delete Please

    :)Delete please, sry.
  7. Spect3r

    AMD PRO RYZEN 5 4650G

    hello I need help I'm trying to reach a clock over 4.5 Ghz but unfortunately as I go over 4.4 Ghz the system crashes here are the images Please advise me how to set the voltages on the processor and on the ram thanks motherboard asus tuf b550 plus 2x8gb hyper x fury rgb 3200mhz docp +1x 8gb...
  8. waspduelo1

    How do i overclock my cpu?

    The last time I overclocked a cpu was over a decade ago and on an intel system. My current rig is amd. asus tuff 570 board and 3600x cpu. I do not remember anything on overclocking and looking for help.
  9. ikra

    Does connecting more fans to motherboard affect overclocking?

    I know this might be a dumb question. I'm planning on connecting 3 fans per header (3) on my motherboard for a total of 9 fans. Is it better if I bought a hub drawing power directly from the PSU rather than connecting these fans to the motherboard? My dumb logic says that it will tax the...
  10. Graptik

    Extremely Weird Z490 Motherboard Issue

    So for the last 6 months after building my PC, I've been experiencing random shutdowns and reboots (with no BSOD) while at idle or opening programs. Never happens with gaming or stress test. Well, I just figured out the issue and it is extremely weird. I noticed that I can replicate the...
  11. Luca |Computer

    Overclocking an Intel i5-6400

    Hey, I have bought https://www.overclockers.co.uk/8pack-approved-intel-core-i5-6400-4.4ghz-overclocked-quad-core-gaming-bundle-bu-050-as.html , this bundle some years ago, and I am wondering how I can overclock it back to 4.4 ghz. I don't know what I did, but my guess is I re-installed the BIOS...
  12. dadashali

    Override or Override with Offset

    Hi guys, I see most overclockers use override CPU voltage with a negative offset. I've Ryzen 5 3600 with MSI B450 Tomahawk Max and could set the Vcore to 1.175V in "Mode 1" and 4125Mhz frequency with stable daily home usage (games and etc). I could not get stable with a negative offset with even...
  13. Almuric

    Should I bother overclocking my GTX 970

    I have a six year old KFA2 GeForce GTX 970 OC, and am trying to stretch it out to after the current shortage. I am very tempted to try and push it by overclocking in MSI afterburner. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on am I risking shortening its lifespan at this age by increasing power...
  14. Envy78

    CPU always at 99% usage

    Hi I have a ryzen 7 1800x and I overclocked it using the bios to 4ghz. It always runs this speed now and my cpu is always at 99% usage no matter what I do. My FPS is still ok though, but I’m just wondering if it’s something I need to worry about or if it’s just something that’s happens when you...
  15. Comben

    ‘OC’ System Crashes at Windows Logo (If it even POST’s)

    Hello OC’ers, as a disclaimer before my post, I have tried a google and forum search but I feel my question is so niche I’ve not come up with an answer. TL: DR - Is is possible a once overclocked bundle may not work correctly once the BIOS is reset to defaults? My systems was a custom build...
  16. 19brayp

    overclock i3-530

    i recently overclocked my i3-530 to 3.74 ghz and it sits idle around 35 degrees is that ok ? just wondering
  17. radybt

    Rig with RX 580 and 480 can't OC memory

    So I have a mining rig with 3 GPUs MSI Z390 GAMING Plus I3 9100F ( using the 580 card for monitor) DeepCool DA700 Watt PSU 570 Micron , 580 and 480 both samsung I get 570 to 2200 with 1150/950mV up to 31 mh/s with no bios modding /doesnt work on it. but with 480 and 580 whatever i do I...
  18. SELFIK22

    G.Skill 16GB (2 x 8GB) Trident Z Neo DDR4 3600MHz

    Hello guys! Can u help me? I cant overclock my memory. Ryzen 5600x, x570 AORUS ELITE and memory - G.Skill 16GB (2 x 8GB) Trident Z Neo DDR4 3600MHz 16-19-19-39 1,35v. I tried many methods, but the delay only increased or did not change at all, I do not know what was the matter.. And sorry for...
  19. WanderingNomad

    Overclocking in Bios using Ryzen 5 3600 on X370

    So maybe this is not too relevant any more but my latest build is with a brand new discounted Ryzen 5 3600 and a ASUS Prime-Pro X370 board purchased on the used market. The ASUS board had mixed reviews but mainly due to lack of RGB headers and early BIOS issues with the Ryzen architecture that...
  20. IggyJD

    Help! 3080 overclocking for mining stuck :(

    Hey guys, Just got an RTX 3080 for my gaming rig and though about mining on the side to take advantage of it. I’m having a problem. I got up to 98/99 MH/s. Phoenix miner on Hive pool with the RTX 3080, Windows 10 64-bit. Used Aorus Engine to overclock. But then I got MSI Afterburner because I...
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