1. notknowmuch10

    monitor not detecting the signal from newly build pc

    Good morning everyone. Yesterday I built a new PC, connected it to my monitor and the monitor shows "no signal detected". When I plug the monitor to my old laptop, it works perfectly fine. The new PC has still no OS installed as I was planning to install PopOS. I connected it using HDMI-HDMI...
  2. Pribnik

    Need help finding GPU replacement fans

    Hi all, Would you be able to advise on the best route to take when looking to replace your GPU fans. I have an ASUS GTX 2070 SUPER Dual EVO OC 8192MB with a fan that makes some really annoying noises. Basically sounds like there is something not quite right with the bearing. You can hear it...
  3. Cadder

    Display Issues - Bad 3080 FE? Monitors? Other?

    Hi all, I'm having a bit of a chew on with my graphics and/or displays. There's a bit of background below or you can jump straight to the issue. My PC build is in my sig. The dual monitors I have are the MSI g273QF units. The Problem(s): One display enters 800x600 resolution when...
  4. kfslkkfskslsd

    Vpn problem. Sagemcom Router Fast 5370 Air

    Can anyone say if the vpn can be encrypted by the Sagemcom Router Fast 5370 Air? How to act and which vpn the best option for this router? all network traffic should be encrypted.
  5. Cadder

    Display Resolution

    Hi all, I have a dual monitor setup, both MSI G273QF purchased together from OCUK. There's no pattern to this issue but say 10% of the time my PC (in sig) will boot up with the primary display moved from the left hand monitor to the right, and the left hand monitor set to 800x600 resolution...
  6. martyn83

    PC No Signal

    Good afternoon, Coming on a year ago I purchased a PC from Overclockers solely for Microsoft Flight Simulator and it had proved the perfect choice. However for the last two months I have been working away from home so it has sat in a switched off state. I am finally home and have gone to use it...
  7. Natkiio

    PC Hitches/Freezes few seconds after entering desktop

    Hi all! So my pc does this weird thing where it lags/ hitches when I enter the desktop from starting up the pc. So when I’m moving my mouse around after a few seconds the pc will seemingly freeze or lag. It’s noticeable as my mouse hitches completely. I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, different...
  8. John Newman

    Not achieving 867 Mbps in link speed

    Hi, I have recently upgraded my wireless card and been monitoring the wireless speed. Don't get me wrong it is a significant upgrade in terms of performance and speed over my previous card which was a Intel 1030n. The problem is, shouldnt I be getting 867 Mbps as I am unable to reach over most...
  9. Envy78

    CPU always at 99% usage

    Hi I have a ryzen 7 1800x and I overclocked it using the bios to 4ghz. It always runs this speed now and my cpu is always at 99% usage no matter what I do. My FPS is still ok though, but I’m just wondering if it’s something I need to worry about or if it’s just something that’s happens when you...
  10. BlueCarr

    Port Forwarding Not Working

    I have been trying to port forward on my windows ten laptop but whenever i check the port online it says it is closed. i logged into the router management page and portforwarded port 27272. I have tried disabling firewall and and antivirus but to no avail. Im on a BT Home Hub 3 with a wifi...
  11. Cadder

    Solved: New PC connects to WiFi but no Internet

    Hi all, My fairly-new build (Nov/Dec 2020) has been great so far, and this morning I have had my first real problem with it. I connect to WiFi but can't browse the Internet. My CAD applications can't connect to servers. Dropbox and OneDrive aren't syncing. I can connect to my Talk Talk hub...
  12. raszkidope

    OVCUK Delivery Problem

    Hi all, yesterday i received email from DPD they received parcel details but have not yet received my parcel. Parcel should be delivered today, but OVCUK still didn’t send it to DPD courier. whats wrong with them? should I act on this or wait another working day for update my parcel status...
  13. Cadder

    Popping and Crackling

    Hi all, I bought Creative Pebble V3 speakers recently and I'm impressed with the sound quality for the price of them. They connect to the PC via USB-C - they didn't work via the X570 Tomahawk USB-C port (I didn't persist or troubleshoot it was just a quick try) so I used the USB adaptor that...
  14. lowers93

    iiyama GB3466WQSU owners, can you help?

    Hi all, i'll cut straight to the point then get into the background - if you own an iiyama GB3466WQSU please could you do the 30 second test described below (See "The Test" section) and report the results back to me? I am running out of ideas on what may be the cause of this issue and still...
  15. johnbnt

    Pc Monitor Problem

    Hellow, My pc monitor suddenly, since 2 weeks, started to be very bright when starting and in about 30 minuites is restoring to normal. Its a monitor problem as other monitors are working perfectly in my pc. What can I do?
  16. 860lacov

    Need help with 5900x stability issues

    I would like to know: 1. What is stock SoC 2. What is safe NB SoC for normal daily use (sometimes big CPU load - blender render). 3. Is it better to set SoC constant or offset? 4. Is problem described below looks like a bios or CPU problem? Recently I did an PC upgrade i5 2500k -> Ryzen 5900x...
  17. LPoint

    Gigabyte 3070 gaming OC - Artifacts during stress tests on 2 different cards

    Hi guys, So I managed to snag myself a 3070 gaming OC during November and was excited to get the new system up and running. When I went to install it in my system for the first time, I noticed a bent pin on the power connector inside the 8 pin socket. I managed to straighten it out with a...

    Aorus TRX40 Xtreme sound problems when GPUs are under heavy load.

    Hello guys! I am suffering some sound distortion problems when my GPUs are under heavy load (when I am not using CUDA is fine) and I was wondering if some of you would have a bit of advice. I have a Threadripper 3960X in this board with a Gigabyte Eagle OC 3070 and a Gigabyte Gaming OC 3090...
  19. Garth806

    I really help need guys.

    my 2080ti (asus strix OC 11gb) recorded a supersition benchmark score of 3820.............yes 3820, components are ryzen 3700x, 32gb LPX RAM Profile set to 3200mhz,Gigabyte x570 auros elite wife, I have ddu the gpu, latest drivers, honestly in shock and I have no idea what to do.....It's fitted...
  20. Tommky

    Video editing workstation 3900x 32GB RAM Nvidia 1660 Super

    Hi All, I’ve recently built this computer for video editing Sony A7Siii footage and it’s really slow in premiere pro. Ryzen 3900X Nvidia 1660 super 2 x 16GB 3200Mhz Crucial Ballistix TUF gaming X570 Plus WiFi 1TB Sabrent Rocket Nvme Others seem to be editing A7Siii footage with less...
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