1. alex_ncfc

    I want to upgrade my PC for no particular reason - advice :)

    As the thread title suggests, I have the urge to upgrade my PC. I think it's because of all what's going on with lockdowns etc which just means, kind of almost out of boredom, I fancy doing an upgrade. Trouble is, I am kind out so out of touch with tech these days that I don't know where to...
  2. Jorgen Clewes

    Toshiba L730 10G CPU upgrade

    Hello, I hope somebody is able to assist me. I have a Toshiba Satellite L730 - 10G laptop (Part no: PSK73E-006004EN) It contains an Intel i3 780M 2 core cpu. 2nd gen (PGA988). I cannot locate a motherboard tech manual to find what other processors its compatible with. Was hoping an i7 640M 2nd...
  3. Oliver Gyani

    A typical upgrade help post!

    Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade my PC. Last I fiddled with it was around 4 years ago so definitely time for some tuning. Here are my specs. Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz Haswell 22nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 933MHz...
  4. Prospire

    Case Advice

    Hi, I've been donated an old gaming PC and want to change the case but not sure if I need a full, midi etc. Motherboard - https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/P8Z77V_LX/ Note: I've also got a GTX 660 GPU which i'm considering swapping out for a GTX 1050Ti. Would this be a good alternative...
  5. sam staniforth

    New CPU for around £400

    Thanks for the help everyone i found the stuff i need :D
  6. MrM2020

    Upgrading my old computer

    I want to get a 32"144 hz 1440p monitor but I think my system isn't going to be able to fully use it. My system is: i5-4690k @3.5ghz 16GB ram r9 280 3GB If I upgrade the GFX would this solve my problem? Was looking at 1660s but didn't want to buy if you thought there was another bottleneck
  7. Nareik

    Advice on upgrades needed :)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to slowly upgrade my computer. At the moment it struggles to play warzone on lowest settings. Here is what I have at the moment: i5 7400 processor GTX 1060 3GB graphics 1TB Seagate ST1000DM010 HHD 8GB DDR4 Ram Asus H110M-K Motherboard Thanks in advance :) I'm new too...
  8. Jacob Freeman

    What should I upgrade for my gaming & streaming PC?

    Hi all! I'm planning on upgrading my PC as I'm getting bottlenecked on CPU when streaming gameplay. Looking at afterburner, GPU sits at 70% and the CPU 90%, the game becomes very jerky and its irritating to play. Normal gaming is fine on high/ultra settings and pumps out good FPS, but its...
  9. pete_agreatguy

    Wait for new models in new year or buy now?

    Hi all, I need some advice as I'm in a pickle and struggling to make a decision. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (old I know). I have been researching new models to upgrade to and my options have come down to the following: Xiaomi Mi 10 5G / PRO 5G (though pro is not in stock...
  10. Phill90

    PC Upgrade CPU, GPU?

    Hi, i've been out of the loop for a couple of years regarding PC stuff. I'm also not super knowledgeable in this area - i built my current PC in 2017/18. I'm looking at upgrading some parts of my PC but im unsure where i should start. As a gamer i want the machine to run some of the upcoming...
  11. showeringpope

    Advice for upgrade

    Hi, Im looking at upgrading my pc as I have recently bought black ops cold war and its struggling to get over 70 fps at 1440p My set up at the moment is; AMD Ryzen 5 Six Core 2600 MSI B450M Mortar (Socket AM4) (I previously had a mini case but now gone to ATX) Asus Radeon RX VEGA 56 ROG Strix...
  12. cluam

    Upgradable or new PC?

    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice on whether my old PC rig is upgradable or if I should bite the bullet and get a whole new rig. I originally put the rig together in 2015 and haven't upgraded anything since. Over the past few years I haven't had the time or need to upgrade as its happily...
  13. Chronicle94

    Looking for High end Motherboard for Ryzen 5900x CPU

    Hi guys I'm looking to Get the New Ryzen 5900x CPU after finally saying goodbye to my I7 2600k Processor. My graphics card is a Zotac Rtx 2070 Super amp extreme which I may sell to try and upgrade at some point. Im Mainly after advice on what high end motherboard to get which will be the best...
  14. Ryan Fleming

    Is my MB okay for i7 -9700k ?

    Just wanted to check, i have an asrock z370 killer sli currently with an i7 8700 non k. Because of how cheap the 9700k was going to upgrade will my MB be okay ? I know will have to do bois update.
  15. DrJ

    Upgrade advice on a bit of a budget

    Hi Forum people I'm an old hand at building PCs, but I'm really out of touch with the latest stuff. Like I haven't opened a case in anger for maybe 5 years (except to replace my video card a short while ago). I'd like to upgrade my gaming/rendering machine without spending the Big Bucks. The...
  16. Tidgney

    New PC - Content Creation + Gaming (4k In the future?)

    Hello, So I've had my PC for a few years but it's starting to struggle, one major issue I have is how long rendering takes from premiere pro (Especially this years version which seems to have doubled rendering times!). Now I want to eventually go to 4k (Once the monitors are out that I'm after...
  17. Synattacks

    What to upgrade first? (And some SSD questions)

    System info: https://imgur.com/LobpxJA I've attached a screenshot of "System Information". I'm running a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti . I do game, but not particularly demanding games, and I doubt I'll have problems running games that are "a bit" more demanding than what I play most (CSGO), as...
  18. brasseyebaby

    Upgrading to a new CPU this year.

    Hi everyone, first time forum user, long time OCUK buyer. I'm looking to upgrade my Intel 6600K this year. I've already got a RTX 2070 and I just this week bought some new RAM. I'm waiting on the Ryzen release as I'm almost positive that's the way I'm going to go this time round. My main...
  19. Tidgney

    I'm lost, what do I get!?

    Hi All, I'll be upgrading my PC once the new AMD processors release however I want to get my racing rig sorted before hand as it's half complete at the moment with the house move. So let me explain my issue; I'm mainly a console racer so 1440p is not an option from what I've read (Assuming PS5...
  20. Andy Kidd

    Do I need to upgrade? If so what should I do?

    Hi there, so I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to pc components. I bought a pre built cyberpower pc back in 2016 (I think) and the only upgrade i made was my gpu and that is it. Below are my full pc specs. And im wondering what "needs" upgrading and what is perfectly fine for...
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