1. OnlyAlex

    Xbox Series X HDMI 2.0

    Xbox Series X HDMI 2.0 Hello, I’ve bought an Xbox Series X and I only have an HDMI 2.0 on my 4K TV. Will games like Fortnite and Flight Simulator run okay on it? The Xbox Series S I have works fine plugged in to an HDMI 2.0. Cheers.
  2. KraniX

    *** Starfield ***

    Thought worth a dedicated thread as likely to be playing this for years to come and I need people to talk to :) Only couple of hours in, liking it so far, was going to wait for Wednesday but watched a bunch of videos and listened to a ton of podcasts and reviews and had couldn't resist...
  3. Quartz

    Is Intel making a play for the console market with Arc?

    The next generation of consoles - not the refreshes - are expected around 2027. So far AMD have provided both CPU and GPU to both Sony and Microsoft, to their considerable profit. But by that time Intel will have had 3 generations of Arc under its belt. That will have given them a track record...
  4. SemperFitz

    Monitor for pc/xbsS

    Hi boys and girls, i have a budget of £350 and was looking for a new monitor for PC but also for XB series S, any advice or recommendations here please? TIA
  5. 3080guy

    Cant find drivers. Xbox series X controller B button doesnt work in various games

    I have a number of games in which the B button - acts as if its been pushed, in game. - Doesnt perform the function of B button, when pushed in game. (The game knows a button has been pushed, but the "back" action doesnt happen. Applies to a few games. The game knows a button has been pushed...
  6. Quartz

    How does the RTX 3050 compare with the modern games consoles?

    Take a basic PC - Intel 12400, 16 GB RAM, PSU, and a SSD - and add a RTX 3050. How does the performance compare to modern consoles?
  7. cruisinbeatz

    Headset for PS5 & XSX (Wireless)

    Hey folks, I'm just wondering is there a wireless headset out there other than the arctis 7x and 9x that can work on both the ps5 and xbox series x? I have looked reviews on those and seems to be hit or miss unless someone here can comment on them personally? I've never seen them in real life...
  8. ic1male

    Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance (The ORIGINAL from 2001) - out 7th May

    The day I never thought would come! It's happening!
  9. ic1male

    The Callisto Protocol (2022) (from the creator of Dead Space)

    I'm hoping this could be a hybrid of Alien Isolation and Dead Space. Highly anticipated! Watch the cinematic trailer reveal of The Callisto Protocol, a new story-driven, single-player survival horror game from the creators of Dead Space. Coming 2022 to PC and Consoles. About Striking...
  10. sinkorswim

    Unable to install games on gamepass for PC (error 0x800704c6)

    Finally downloaded and installed gamepass for PC (which was a pain) logged in (which can also be a pain) and every time I try to install a game get the same error message 0x800704c6. Did some searching and it looks to be a widespread issue, I have the latest version of windows 10 and I also...
  11. Melv123

    Looking for a new monitor for Xbox series x

    Looking for a new monitor for up to £300 for my Xbox series x, looking for one that will benefit me as I play a lot of warzone I currently play on an esports Benq RL5524HM it’s quite old now I know but still does the job, looking for an upgrade thanks
  12. Melv123

    Novice here, Looking for a new monitor for the Xbox Series X

    Hi, im currently playing on a BenQ RL2455HM 24 inch Gaming Monitor (for Console e-Sports, 1 ms Response Time, Black eQualiser, Flicker-free, HDMI x 2, Built-in Speakers) (i know its old now) looking to upgrade the monitor... would be a great if any of you guys could help. take it easy on me, i...
  13. truewraith

    can delete

  14. yss

    Monitor or TV

    We would like to buy our son either a monitor or TV for his bedroom for his 15th birthday. He will mainly be using it for his XBox One. Please could someone advise what features we need it to have and whether we are better getting a monitor or TV? At the moment he doesn't watch much TV apart...
  15. KraniX

    Halo Infinite

    Noticed we don't have a dedicated thread. The official press kit with some nice wallpapers etc. can be found here. Campaign Gameplay Trailer So there has been a lot of talk about the graphics, I too was quite disappointed by the initial reveal. But after watching the high res stream...
  16. Reclaimer122

    Xbox One X - Loud varying fan, overheating even after paste replacement

    Hi all, I bought an early Xbox One X secondhand. It works mostly fine, but playing any sort of graphically demanding game turns it into a hairdryer. I've replaced the paste 3 times with varying amounts and different thermal pads. No matter what I do, I can't get the thing to shut up. The...
  17. deadman_uk

    Xbox Apps (and Some Other Windows Store Apps) Won't Open!

    Hi, When I open the Xbox (beta) app from Windows Store or the xbox companion app from Windows Store it flashes up then closes itself. I just bought Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate and when I try to run it, it says I must be signed in. The thing is, because the xbox app isn't loading, I can't actually...
  18. PJM

    Complete novice looking for headphone help

    Hi, first post so be kind . I'm looking for headphones that I can use on both PC and xbox. Would prefer wireless but I'm not stuck on that. Budget is less than £100. Any advice would be welcome as my head is bursting trying to make sense of the review sites. Thanks
  19. ic1male

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning - 8th September

    I had a feeling this would happen at some stage, after THQ Nordic got hold of the rights. Looks like a remaster is on the cards. Not much is known at this stage, just a leaked entry on Microsoft's store...
  20. ic1male

    Mafia Trilogy - announcement on 19th May

    Xbox One, PS4, Steam, Epic Might even launch on 19th May, according to Microsoft's page for Mafia II.
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