1. SemperFitz

    Xbox live 2 week codes

    Hope this is ok? Does anyone have a 2 week xbox live code they aren't using? PM if you do please? thank you
  2. ic1male

    GamesCom 2018

    Inside Xbox is on at 3.30pm - watch on Mixer for free goodies.
  3. GamingDaddy

    Being a gamer and a dad

    I've been a dad for nearly 7 months now and before the little bundle of joy was born I was a pretty avid gamer. Every new console and game that came out I had it, spent quite a bit on a gaming PC too and most of my time was spent mixing work and relationships with gaming. Now that he is in the...
  4. ic1male

    Titan Quest coming to PS4, Xbox (20th March 2018) Switch later Who remembers this? Funny, this was one of the games I was playing last week but couldn't get in to because I get fed up with having to use mouse and keyboard nowadays. Quite looking forward...
  5. Link8295

    Temporal dithering ps4 xbox one on Radeon chips

    My concerns are regarding temporal dithering and the xbox one. Specifically frame rate control or the flashing of pixels to simulate a missing color on an LCD. I understand some 6bit lcd's employ this technique but it can be avoided with a true 8bit display. My concern however is that I am...
  6. Chandler_90

    [XB1] Offical OCUK Destiny Raid Thread!

    This is the new thread in which to organise Raids in Destiny 2 on the XB1 platform. Clan Information: We currently have a clan running, I have linked this below: OCUK XB1 Destiny Clan We are currently at 89 members, all of whom are active. Forum Based Organising: An example formatting...
  7. Zico

    Which wheel? - Xbox OX

    As per title, I'm wanting to know which steering wheel to get for the Xbox One X. I've look at the Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force Feedback Racing Wheel and have also had a short go on the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel while at a work conference a week ago. I would prefer a force...
  8. Weargaming

    Custom controlers

    Anyone ever customised their own controls? Just been reading up on how Custom Controllers in Leeds is now turning over £700,000 a year after its founder started selling them from his bedroom a couple of years back. Another of those 'why the hell didn't I think of that?!' ideas!! :mad: Top work...
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