2005 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

18 Oct 2002
Was abit annoyed with the pitstop coverage again. I never saw a Red Bull in the pits which was prety much the same as australia. With so much of the racing happening there these days it's quite frustrating not to get coverage especially when we get to see MS in the pits all the time. I think DC lost one or two positions with his pitstops as he did in OZ but no real explanation why, maybe a nosecone in Oz and just slow in KL.
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18 Oct 2002
Borrowed from www.pitpass.com.

Fisichella rapped by Race Stewards

Although he will not be penalised, in the eyes of race stewards at Sepang, Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella was adjudged to have been responsible for the incident which eliminated both he and WilliamsF1 driver Mark Webber.

Interviewed moments after the collision Fisichella claimed that it wasn't his fault, but didn't go as far as blaming the Australian. Webber, on the other hand, was under no illusion: "I had a go at Fisi at turn 14 then Ralf passed me at turn 15," said the Australian, "but I managed to pass him again and close back up on Fisi".

"His (Fisichella's) tyres were getting worse and worse and I passed him at turn 14 but then he came down the inside at the next corner. He was really on the dirty stuff then. I was happy for him to go down there as I knew it would be difficult for him to stop. I went back to the clean stuff before braking and I don't think Giancarlo could stop - he braked too late on the dirty stuff, we interlocked wheels and he landed on top of my car!"

Clearly, the race stewards saw it pretty much the same way. Having viewed video evidence of the incident - shot from various angles - and talked with both drivers, they gave the Italian a warning, though he will not be penalised in Bahrain.

In addition to tyre wear, the Italian had suffered a massive loss of downforce following the loss of a piece of bodywork, thought to be a bargeboard.
10 Apr 2004
Watching F1 is like watching Newcastle United and Charlton battle it out for the Premiership. As very few big guns at the front make it less interesting IMO.

TBH so far I think the new rules are rubbish, bring back tyre changes ! They used to cause numerous upsets and made it more of a team sport. Watching Alonso walk off into the distance is just as boring as watching anyone else walk off into the distance.
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