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AMD Navi 23 ‘NVIDIA Killer’ GPU Rumored to Support Hardware Ray Tracing, Coming Next Year

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Gregster, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. melmac


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    LOL, Well, that says it all about you really and explains why you are so wrong about things all the time. Especially if you use using Semi Accurate as a source of information. That site is known as an Anti-Nvidia, Anti-Intel site that's wrong more often than it's right.

    If you can't see that or understand that then you need help. In fact you should listen to your own advice, look in a mirror and repeat the following :-

  2. b00merang69

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    That is rich coming from him.
  3. Spyhop


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  4. FoxEye


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    Well for one, why would they be calling it the 5900 XT? Surely a card using the next-gen chip, releasing over a year later, is having it's own 6xxx moniker?

    Although having said that, AMD hasn't released a new top-to-bottom product stack for.... years.

    This is what they do now, isn't it. Mid-range one year, high-end the next, low-end - well for low-end you just use the 2-5 year old cards from previous generations.

    Maybe 5900 XT is correct. AMD's complete product stack now takes 3-5 years to fully release :p
  5. KungFuSpaghetti

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    I think the main thing here is not to be too concerned about the die size, lets just hope it works, kicks the hell out of the 2080ti and can do it within a reasonable power envelope whilst not running at 80+ degrees and AMD saying that's fine. It may well be, but I wouldn't want to own it outside a warranty period! I'm sceptical, but hopeful... but realistically, it will be a let down, because that's what AMD's GPU department do.
  6. doody


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  7. Rock_n_Roll


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    It doesn't matter how powerful AMD make their GPUs as they don't have that one essential aspect for market dominance i.e. mind-share.

    We've seen it in the past, AMD makes the better product, still gets outsold by Nvidia...

    Until that changes, they won't be winning any battles for market share with their current strategy.

    AMD need to rebrand their GPUs and offer top tier performance. It's the only way they'll claw back market share from Nvidia.
  8. Gregster


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    I don't think it is that and more to do with the way AMD are slow to get the full power of their cards out. Drivers have taken almost a year before they get up to speed at times and this makes them look slower than their counter part and in the mean time, Joe Public looks at reviews and see's that AMD are the slower offerings, so they go for NVidia.

    I can't believe also that someone is using Charlie DemerihiaUAWGDF8YGAWDFHG as a source of correct info. The man hates NVidia and Intel and gets things wrong on so many occasions, it is laughable and also charges a fortune to read his ramblings.
  9. bru


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    I can't believe that 4k8k wastes his pocket money on a subscription to Never accurate in the first place. :D:p:D
  10. Rock_n_Roll


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    But here's the thing, AMD did at one point have the better cards at the top end. Yet customers still went out and bought the inferior Nvidia cards. Radeon has a branding/image/mind share problem and it's not going away unless they change their strategy.

    Check out the stats over on Steam for Nvidia's SUPER cards, they've been outselling Radeon cards across the board. Even though similar performance Radeon cards can be picked up for less money.

    AMD only have themselves to blame and they need to sort it out.

    Personally, i don't care who makes the card. I just want to buy a 300/400 GBP card in the next couple of years without the feeling i'm being ripped off.
  11. Dicehunter


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    Price will increase from the increased demand for GDDR6 and we all know Nvidia love a good price increase.
  12. NZXT30

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    I don't think they have any room left for price increases. They have to suck up any increased costs at this point.
  13. BigBANGtheory


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    once we get GPUs doing 4k at decent settings/framerate Nvidia are in trouble because if you have say a 4k ultra 90hhz card the market for anything faster takes a nose dive. Sure eventually we might see 8k displays and VR HMDs using double 4k+ but that adoption is gonna come slower than Nvidia admitting it overpriced the 2000 series. That's why they are investing in RT so heavily desktop graphics are gonna sit at 4k for a looong time because to go higher yields very little return.
  14. JediFragger


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    Yup, welcome to nVidia!! Profit>Consumers. If they can screw an extra dime then they will! They care only about themselves.
  15. Grim5


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    what is going to happen in 2020 is today's 4K 60fps card's will be tommorows 4K 30 fps card - this is due to next gen consoles so new games will take a graphical leap.
  16. SpudMaster


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    Problem is Joe Public doesn't read reviews, they just think Nvidia are better regardless of who has the better cards at the time.
  17. Rroff

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    Problem is AMD doesn't have those halo cards - nVidia's high end cards give a lustre to the lower end nVidia options in the eyes of the general consumer even when an equivalent tier AMD card is technically the better choice.
  18. hyperseven


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    Halo cards:confused: NV have three normal tiers that are higher performing than AMD's current best (2070S, 2080S and 2080Ti) and then their 'halo' Titan product. Forget releasing a halo card they need to have competing cards against Nvidia's current product stack.

    Just hope what they release comes with a full HDMI 2.1 feature set.
  19. D.P.


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    It takes time to build mindshare. If AMD consistently produced competitive products with excellent release day drivers then over multiple generations they would gain trust.
  20. TNA


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    He seems to think if they stop using Radeon branding it would magically solve things...