ANOTHER school shooting in the US

17 Mar 2006
You're now going to rationalize and predict what a insane person would do now? lol get off your high horse. A nutter with swords and knives can do more damage in a smaller room that one person can do with a gun. For one thing the gun runs out of ammo, and you need to be capable with a gun. Anyone can swing a sword around.

If someone wants to go postal there is nothing you can do about it, although you could suggest everyone is society is locked up in a padded room.
13 Jan 2005
afraser2k said:
How severe would do you think a suitable setence would be? In the UK at the moment possession of a handgun varies between 5-10 years yet look at the problem we still have.

What would you think a suitable term would be for possession and/or using a gun in a crime?

Given that guns in the hands of a criminal have one purpose only - to kill, I would have no problem in possesion of a firearm to be equivalent to an attempted murder offence - leading to dishing out of life sentences.
19 Aug 2004
A massacre like this COULD happen in the UK. May I remind you that the firearms used by Thomas Hamilton in the Dunblane massacre were licenced firearms.

Ok, we don't have any licenced handgun owners anymore due to the knee jerk ban, but there's still thousands of people across the county that legally own rifles and shotguns.

So why aren't massacres of this nature so common in the UK? Perhaps because we have stricter firearm licensing. Most likely, but I don't think it's fair to make a direct comparison between the US and UK simply based on firearm availability, there's thousands more variables to consider.

The answer is not an outright ban, simply stricter licensing and regulation. Civilised law abiding citizens should not be punished for the actions of those few mentally unstable that decide to go on a killing spree.
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