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Beginners Guide to Overclocking

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Jokester, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. archerz


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    great guide, just got my i5 and thinking about overclocking it!
  2. franribill


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  3. jimtreacy


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    Very informative thread, is it possible to like certain threads like they do on the social networks?
  4. hakank68

    Wise Guy

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    will definetly be reading this before i overclock, thanks :D
  5. gmengg


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    Nice post. Its really helpful to beginners.
  6. pr0c3ss


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    nooby question seeks answer!

    My rig has been clocked from 4 to 4.5ghz. Running a benchmark at 4ghz, I get decent scores. If I run the same benchmark, but at 4.5ghz I get a much lower score. The scenes seem to fly by so fast that the gc can't keep up.

    I'm running a fx8350 - 8 core with a HD7970 ghz ed (slightly ocd) and 16gb kingston clocked at 2133.

    Is this a case of the gc simply not being able to keep up?
  7. pr0c3ss


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    came accross a similar problem here, so will tyry take some advice from it

    any further advice greatly appreciated
  8. Makhaira


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    Going to make the jump to Haswell soon - overclocking that seems to be about as different to 775 overclocks as it could possibly be - am I best relearning all I know from scratch? Been reading up on the net on various guides and it seems a damn site more complicated than it used to be! I'll be going for either a 4670k or 4770k.
  9. izzop

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    Is Windows Re-Install Required?


    The above is taken from the guide posted by Jokester.

    So my question is, do you have to re-install Windows if overclocking your CPU?

    Or is it one of those, sometimes you do, sometimes you don't and it's not until you try it that you find out?

    Thanks & Regards
  10. Jokester


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    No you don't, but it's entirely possible to corrupt an existing Windows installation when overclocking, so make sure you have backed up anything important.
  11. izzop

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    Jokester, thanks for the reply and information.

  12. foster grant


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    I know that I'm going to sound a complete idiot , but even after reading/understanding ( or trying to ) the different information thats contained on this thread.......It all seems a bit too complicated for me...I'm having trouble getting my head round it all together

    And I dont want to OC using software I would want to do it via the BIOS as that seems to be the better or more reliable option ...and I dont even know if the Ram @1600 would be up for it anyway

    sorry :(
  13. CharlieRich


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    This guide really helped on my first adventure into the vast world of overclocking! Thanks for putting all this great info together :)
  14. krnsniper


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    How much overclocking can I do with Intels stock cooler?
  15. nniitt


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    thanks for this nice explanation
  16. EdwardHaigh


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    Nice guide! But has it been super-seeded? 8 years is a very long time in the computing world!
  17. pprest123


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    Anyone having issues running OCCT? With it open, it's causing my bus speed to fluctuate and jump around and stops when I close it :S
  18. Will16valver


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    thanks for the guide, should be very useful in the near future
  19. CleverBalls


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    Awesome thread!
  20. MarkyG83


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    Love this. Handy for me, only ever overclocked by using XML profiles for ram setups. Will give this a go when the transfer of my system takes place