Best Rollercoaster you've been on.

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29 Mar 2003
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This is from somebody who spends all his money travelling the world going on Rollercoasters -

Hi Dave,

Bit of tough ask this one. Every coaster has its merits and sometimes that’s down to where you actually sit on them and are there any inversions.

As a pure sit down and go type Pepsi Max at Blackpool is not bad.

In the dark coasters, the black hole that was at Alton Towers was a good one, the one in Disney I think in Magic Mountain is also up there but the winner for me has to be the Mummy at universal.

Coasters with twists, turns, loops and lots of G force, where do I start. Kraken at Sea World Orlando in the back row has to be up there. Duelling Dragons (fire & Ice) at Universal now one of the Harry Potter rides front row is another that is up there. Another one I do like is at Portadventura in Salou called Dragon Khan due to the length and time you spend on it. Rip Ride Rock It at universal is another ace ride as this includes a vertical climb with a hold and drop before entering the twist and loops. It’s a bit like Oblivion at Alton towers with a twist.

I think my top one has got to be The Hulk at Universal Studios. If you are brave or mad enough you can do the whole ride with arms in the air, front seat is a blast.

I have yet to ride Thirteen or Rita at the towers so cannot pass judgement.

I would also like to do more rides in the states in the SIX Flags group of parks. They have some awesome rides. Just need some money to get there.

See you soon

Funnily enough he lives about 6 miles from Alton Towers and hasn't been on two of the rides.
28 May 2011
Another vote for Dragon Kahn at Salou. Last time we went Furius Baco was still being built so I haven't tried that. The only other ones I've been on are the usual Alton Towers lot (had annual passes a couple of years ago) and the 4 Disney parks in Orlando, at which I'd probably say Aerosmith. Oh and the Big One at Blackpool, best done in the dark with the illuminations on.

It is ridiculous. Every other coaster I have been on that I enjoyed I have thought "Let's go on again!" For this one I was like, "OK give me a minute, that was insane". It's a bit jerky at certain parts though as it is going so fast (85mph) so it hurt my back once.

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I used to operate a roller coaster at theme park. I remember one day listening to a familly arguing which carrage went that fastest, the dad maintained it wad the front, the kids said the back. My facepalm was epic.

Well technically they were both correct - at certain specific part of the track the the front may be going faster past that point than the back would be and vice a versa.
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