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Cancelled Games

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by motsy, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. porushinobu


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    omg I feel the need to watch an ep or 2 now
  2. Besty


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    W40k: Dawn Of War 3 by Relic.
  3. arc@css


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  4. FARGO

    Wise Guy

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    I was looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever (even went to a Q+A with Randy Pitchford) but when it was eventually released, oh dear. It was a disappointment for me.

    Perhaps some games are best left unfinished ;)
  5. Squark


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    That game seriously needs a sequel, it was brilliant.

    I seem to remember their KS campaign was pretty bad, still pledged though because of the first game.
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  6. Pighardia


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    I backed it too. Real shame it didn't work out. I loved the first one. The BSG mod was great too!
  7. Sean_UK


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    War For The Overworld is Dungeon Keeper's Spiritual Successor :)

  8. Sargatanas2511


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    Command and Conquer 4... It didn't come out or exist at all I swear!

    Seriously though, Generals 2 and Dungeon Keeper 3 have to be up there.
  9. Sargatanas2511


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    Sorry double post, please delete.
  10. ubersonic


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    Cancelled games I was looking forward too the most:

    Duke Nukem Forever: the version from around 2001 that looked like a super Half-Life.

    Resident Evil 2 for Saturn: Capcom needed the staff for Code Veronica so scrapped it :(.

    Commander Keen Episodes 7/8/9 (Universe is toast trilogy): iD decided to focus all their attention on their upcoming games Wolfenstein and Doom, leaving the series that made them famous to fall by the wayside, the publisher 3D Realms (then Apogee) decided to become a developer.

    The same was true of Half-life 2 though, and it still sold great numbers and was well received, despite being a shadow of the original.
  11. Chisharpe


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    The getway 3. Would love a British gangster gta game
  12. drumlegend


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    + Evil Genius was an amazing game but I refuse to play the crappy one online as you say
  13. Pixel


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    World of Darkness, such a shame.
  14. FML1990


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  15. Keyboards'Fear


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    For the love of the High Res Screenshot thread, thank GOD STALKER 2 was cancelled ;)

    And thanks very much to this thread, never heard of War For The Overworld, and now I'm smiling again as I really really do miss the Dungeon Keeper series.

    And as what was cancelled, SW:Battlefront 3 ripped my heart out. I know it's coming out, but its EA and current DICE, so expecting it to be a completely different (and ****) game
  16. Schnippzle


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    I wouldn't say "put a stop to" but they'll be done in a different light.
  17. Judge Mental

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  18. arc@css


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    Well, let's hope they do. I've always thought it would be more a case of when, rather than if. We will have to wait and see. :)
  19. pmc40


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    world sportscars and Racing legends by the west brothers and grand prix 4 getting canned for the xbox