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Cat/pet insurance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BUDFORCE, 20 Jul 2021.



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    We've got a kitten maybe 4 months old, I didn't bother insuring the last one one, and personally not convinced, but..... Mrs wants it so that is now irrelevant. But wants me to sort it out, figures......

    So, any suggestions or recommendations on insurance for a cat?
  2. Robbo

    Capo Crimine

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    Petplan, always.
  3. Stumble Bum


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  4. postbox


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    We use Animal Friends who were very prompt with paying out just shy of a grand for a couple of operations for our kitten. In fact as soon as we mentioned them to the vet they looked relieved so took that as a good sign. I also had no problems cancelling a plan after one of my cats was tragically killed by a car.
  5. BDEE


    Joined: 21 Apr 2011

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    Bought By Many. 3 dogs with them. Claimed in the last year. Quick payout. Premiums don't increase based on having claimed.

    Can't fault them.
  6. Maccy


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    Another vote for Petplan


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    They do 3 levels of insurance, top tier is too much.

    The other two basically boils down to either £4000 or £7000 treatment (a year).

    I 100% appreciate there are so many variables and it comes down to risk, but I have no idea what a vet bill would be say if it got run over but survived with treatment??????

    I would have thought £4k would be enough??????
  8. !bluetonic!


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    Make sure your policy covers you for a courtesy cat for when yours is being repaired.
  9. ~Divine~Wind~


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    Pet plan for life policy is the only one I'd touch tbh

    Not the cheapest but they've been more than fair with us even when one cat sadly passed a few month into her new policy but blasted thru most of the cover. Deffo go for the 7k option. Jds cover is now about 32 quid a month but he's almost 11 so premium has increased with age, claims don't seem to have affected it tho.

    He was in a hospital for I think almost 3 days, 700quid

    Dusty bless her had cancer and the fortnightly jabs, chemo and pills rapidly chomped thru the cover.

    I think if I hadn't have had the cover I would have just put it all on a credit card and been crippled for a good few month.

    I think if one of us recommends you you get 3 month free cover or summit and the referee gets a 20 quid John Lewis voucher.

    @BUDFORCE holder of ye would like a referral if someone hasn't already given you one :)
  10. FishPolice


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    Awesome :cry:
  11. 200sols


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    Doubt it.
  12. Stovehead


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  13. Lonewolf


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    I've been with Petplan for a couple of years now for my two cats. Made a claim last year which would have been over £700, insurance paid out within a few weeks.

    I'm sure like anything else there are differing opinions but so far so good
  14. !bluetonic!


    Joined: 17 Nov 2005

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    My cat Mittens had an overactive thyroid. She needed regular blood tests and daily medication. And then an operation to remove the thyroid. By the end of her life, I was paying about £80 a month in premiums.

    Like any insurance, you can take the risk, but you'll be glad you had the best policy when needed.

    In this woke era, all it would take for your tabby to identify as a Siamese and your premiums would go through the roof.
  15. andy_mk3


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    Petplan for sure.

    But have a work with the local vet who you will use, it's best to go with whoever they work with directly.
  16. Praetorian


    Joined: 23 Oct 2002

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    Petplan gets my vote - had them since my Maine Coons were kittens and they've never failed me. £7k policy per cat and it's been used heavily what with my girl having a middle ear infection requiring specialist treatment (£4k in total) and my boy with his ongoing megacolon issues plus acid reflux which was £1k just for the ultrasound! :( They've never failed to pay out for any of the treatment and always within 7 days.

    Another one is Bought by Many - both my mums Hungarian Viszlas are with them and again they've paid out on everything too but nothing as extreme like my cats.

    Whoever you choose, make sure it's got a good underwriter attached (PetPlan is Allianz, Bought by Many is Great Lakes Insurance SE) otherwise you may end up with failed claims. Also you can swap around until you have to make your first claim, after that it's a pre-existing condition and difficult to move to another provider.
  17. PapaLazaru


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    Bought by Many for a normal cat, PetPlan for a pure breed jobbie.
  18. Chris Wilson


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    <Chortle> Here's a man who knows how fickle modern pussy can be ;)
  19. Souness

    Wise Guy

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    I have my kitten with Lifetimepetcover. Seemed to get reasonable reviews and the premiums,excess etc was very competitive given it's lifetime cover with dental.

    My old cat was on Petplan. Never had a problem claiming but the premiums and excess were insane. £60 a month for my 17 year old cat and £125 excess per condition per year, with 20% copayment. Even with his laundry list of health problems it definitely wasn't worth it.
  20. Yaayuh!


    Joined: 5 Nov 2010

    Posts: 21,651

    Ours is with Animal Friends.
    £6K per year per condition (unlimited).
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