Do we want to beat the Germans or what????

9 Nov 2002
Originally posted by Mad old tory
Good news, if only they'd sort out the cheating teams and we'd be well onto the front page :(

Looks like you got your wish, as I type this out, the OcUK team is at position 19. So that puts us on the first page. :)

I think that now we're on the first page though, we should not become complacent, we should all endeavour to type out even more words, avoid the use of abbreviations and acronyms.

I would say in short, we should press on harder than ever, but that would go against the whole ideal of this here effort, so we should make more and more effort to type out even longer sentences.

In fact, we should type everything out, no more copy and pasting of any description, if we want to quote somebody we should type out what we want to quote, rather than using the quote function.

I'd just like to say well done to all the uber-spammers who have managed to type out so many words, thereby pressing oh so many keys, and getting us to where we are now.

I never thought that spamming could be so useful to us.

Well done all.

Sorry if that all seemed a little long winded, but I'm sure you'd prefer me to add more key presses, rather than just saying we did it, well done folks.
5 Jan 2005
Originally posted by TheBeansprout
I plan to stash on my main PC for months until I've accrued several million kliks, so that we can sneak past a lot of teams very quickly. :big big grinning smiley:

This message will be edited in a few days to prevent German spies finding out :eeky smiley:

"Months" ?

You type slowly.
26 Dec 2003
Originally posted by Berserker
Too late - someone quoted it. Good plan though. :)

Couldn't possibly comment on whether I have a similar plan. :)

Whaaat? You've still not dumped since December the 20th? You sneaky old fox you, you'll have millions :(
Woman of Honour
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6 Dec 2003
Originally posted by robmiller
Whaaat? You've still not dumped since December the 20th? You sneaky old fox you, you'll have millions :(

That's going to be painful :(

Hope I at least get to see the top 10 for a minute or so before that.
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