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Games that were difficult in your childhood

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming and Vintage Computing' started by Minusorange, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Thesnipergecko


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    Pitfall :eek:
  2. Nitefly

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    The hardest game I’ve ever played is Dynamite Headdy on the Megadrive. Wonderful, twee platformer at face value with a slight nightmarish aesthetic to it.

    Anyway, after about hour in the game becomes SO HARD.... specifically at the ‘Babyface’ boss. Relentlessly, ‘**** you’ hard. It’s not so much that it’s ultra ultra hard, it’s just that as it took so long to get back to the point where you died, after you ran out of lives, you could never really practice getting good at it.

    I downloaded it years later and it was STILL hard as nails. After ‘Babyface’ the game just goes absolutely mental. I’m pretty sure I’ve never beaten the ‘Twin Freaks’ boss.

    Holy **** that game is HARD.

    For those that haven’t heard of it, a link below. Honestly just the screenshot of that ****ing baby’s head gave me anxiety :eek:


    Eh are you on about the bit with the caves that teleport you? Or scar? I sussed that when I was about 6/7.... that is definitely not an accurate recollection you have :p

    The bit people (i.e. children) got stuck on with lion king was the second level where you had to roar at the monkeys. Of course, a total doddle as an adult.
  3. Rock_n_Roll


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    Smash TV
  4. Vexr


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    The original Lemmings. It outfoxed me as a kid on all but the easiest difficulties where you get all the tools/time you could ever need and lower completion requirements. I played it again more recently and it seems to match up nicely to the capabilities of the adult brain and provide a good challenge, whereas young kids stand no chance at 'proper difficulty settings' going by my recollection.
  5. PC777


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    Haha I'd forgotten all about that game but your description of it is perfect. It's like a demented Hulk Hogan with a perm beating the hell out of old grannies. I remember a friend and I cracking up laughing playing this.

  6. Illuminist


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    Dude, so you know how long I've wanted to know what that games called? 30 years!! Thank you so much
    What's the ground tickle thing all about?, amazing, I remember there was a trick to swinging them forever even when all their health was gone, picking them back up before they die and swinging them againI used to love that game so much
  7. Rroff

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    I completed it on proper difficulty as a kid - a few levels I lucked through though. Watching some of the ways people approach it now are so different to the way I muddled through as a kid. Definitely a lot of kids would struggle with it though.
  8. Vexr


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    Completely forgot about Dynamite Heady. Ended up watching this in part:

    Most of it looked familiar, so I guess I must've done some sight-seeing cheating as a kid. Have to respect the lengthy ending sequence.

    The Lion King was so difficult it was abominable. A level involving log jumping up a waterfall did me in if I remember right - had to cheat past that, and that wasn't even in the adult Simba phase of the game.