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GPU prices go boom

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by RavenXXX2, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Confuzz


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    I bought a ASUS ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI for £666 in july people said i was crazy paying that much and i should wait for the price to drop. I haven't seen the price go any lower than that since. I wouldn't care if the price was £500 now and people were saying told you so as i believe pc gaming is now only for the rich. It is nearly impossible to find any bargains for computer parts now and anyway who wants to buy a secound hand gpu with no way of knowing if it has been used for mining or not. This situation we are in is damaging for pc gaming imo
  2. subbytna


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  3. DarkBahamut


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    Mental prices right now.

    I looked on ebay at 980Ti's and they still sell used for the same or more than I paid for mine new 15 months ago :eek:

    I'm so glad I jumped up from a 970 when I did. Prices over the last year have just been ridiculous for the performance gains.
  4. lnoton

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    :-( any photos you can upload to generate some advice?
  5. AiiR

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    Got mine last year for £215, absolute bargain. :D
  6. silversurfer


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    I have a 4870 still stored for backup, seems its worth keeping for just running low res stuff and focus on gameplay instead.

    The bitcoin mining ended summer 2013. Long time ago now, the reason why GPU is still used is BTC is open source. Any old chap can just copy the code and start the whole deal all over again. Roughly speaking thats why gpu is still used, it actually makes more sense for them to use CPU and references to worth staking in a network not this cracking a hash thing. The maker of ETH may switch away from GPU in 2018 but thats just maybe.

    Other then that memory prices rose from vast use by mobile phones I think, lots of demand out there. Blame all those apps
  7. mattyg


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    And in the meantime some people are making eye watering amounts of money trading or mining...


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    By stuck, do you mean you've over tightened them and cannot get purchase on the screw heads? Or have you messed up the screw heads? There is always a way to get a stuck screw out in my experience. The problem comes when you **** the thread inside the card (or whatever it may be) and the screw just spins. There is hope.
  9. jonjay


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    Your going to have to get a tiny drill bit and drill through the screws I would think. It would destroy the wb block but at least you will save the card...maybe....
  10. Zairs

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    Give it 12 months and there will be loads of cheap secondhand ex mining cards you can buy when they have moved on to be next gen
  11. silversurfer


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    It will be 2019 before Navi comes out and Volta will be similar pricing to 1080ti I guess. The only hope then is for a mini vega, not exactly next gen
  12. Caracus2k


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    By producing 'something' (in reality nothing) that has absolutely no inherent worth. Crypto currencies only go up in value on the expectation that they will continue to do so in the future...in fact they are only worth anything on the expectation that their value will go up in the future which combined with the awkwardness of actually trying to use them as a means of buying actual normal products leaves me to believe that they are all doomed to failure. All Crypto currencies are Ponzi schemes sucking in new people to invest 'real' currencies in either purchasing the Crypto currency itself or to buy computer hardware to produce said 'currency'...

    I'm sure some people are getting very rich (Ponzi schemes would never exist otherwise) but don't fool yourself if your mining Crypto or buying it that you doing anything else then gambling on a system almost certainly doomed to collapse at some point to zero worth.

    Unless a Crypto currency (or at least a select few) can stabilise their purchasing power over time to a similar degree to most 'normal' currencies and some how still work as a day to day means for actually carrying out normal consumer and business transactions then they will fail (if there is not the expectation of big increases in future value who exactly is going to be maintaining the block chains that require such extensive and expensive computing power?)..Personally I feel that when/if Bitcoin starts to tumble property that it will take most of the Crypto currencies down with it...

    Personally I hope it happens soon as Crypto currencies are hurting computer gaming by inflating hardware prices.... and the big two companies affected (AMD and Nvidia|) should be cautious about supporting Crypto currency mining, even if it helps there current balance sheets, because it may hurt them in the long run if people increasingly abandon computer gaming and/ or if new GPU sales slump as miners dump used GPU's onto the market cheap and en mass if mining ceases to be profitable
  13. David Bisset

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    Massive speculation in cryptos yes, but they don't do nothing - they can massively reduce costs of financial transactions. They don't need to be used in shops to be of use, money markets are trillion-dollar affairs that currently are clunky and dated with slow expensive movements of money.

    Yes, Bitcoin is slow & expensive too, forget it, it's the media darling that is also pretty useless (only real use is for buying/selling to get at other currencies which frankly is a terrible use for a slow expensive coin). Others are many orders of magnitude faster and cheaper and/or with actual useful features including some not requiring any miners or other BS. I realise the media call it all speculation, it's not only that - there is real tech and real partnerships there. Doesn't mean it won't all collapse but it's not inevitable.
  14. Caracus2k


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    They are all ponzi schemes... Cheap transactions??? Whose going to pay for a massive distributed computing network to maintain a block chain in the absence of the expectation of quick, large profits of the back of speculation??

    Transactions may be relatively cheap now but that's of the back of computers making £££' s mining away to pay their dues...

    How's the economics going to work when you can no longer mine new currency as the market is already saturated with what's available crypto currency wise and adding more only devalues the purchasing power of whats in the pool?

    Which crypto currencies are going to be useful ones considering how easy it is to set them up?

    The UK governent backs a single currency, sterling, giving it a degree of relative stability....

    With tens or hundreds of crypto currencies out there in any given market how's that going to work?

    And I repeat a fundamental property of a successful currency is the degree to which its purchasing power remains steady over time.... Something no crypto has approached

    I also don't seek to conceal that I personally wish for crypto currencies to collapse sooner rather that later as the ones using regular computing hardware as opposed to ASIC's are hurting consumer computing in the long run
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  15. Gregster


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    Just checked the price of my MSI Gaming X 1080Ti and it is £25 cheaper than when I bought it on launch day.
  16. AlamoX

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    i think 2 things will happen in discret GPU market :
    1-AMD wont release anything new untill 2019 or even 2020, if they do it would be rebranding of existing skus.
    2-Nvidia will raise the performance as high as possible to counter intel/AMD deal by pushing the 1050/1060 level of performance further down
  17. DarrenM343


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    I can be quite negative on crypto but the bitcoin futures contract on the CME, the backing of various coins by China, Russia etc does give them credibility. We'll have to see what the future holds, but of course many(coins) are going to disappear by the wayside.
    I have wondered if the hashimoto person/entity remains anonymous due to fear of where things will end up.
    In the meantime I think the crypto markets are looking pretty strong at the moment, regardless of the reason behind that (ie, new money due to fear of missing out or whatever). Now is definitely what I would consider the shoe-shine boy moment.
  18. chroniclard


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    Crypto coins are worthless as you cant do anything with them but while people are still buying, trading and speculating them and I can make some cash by mining. :p
  19. Freddie1980


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    That might just be a story put out by memory manufacturers to deflect attention away from possible price fixing and market manipulation accusations which are being investigated by the Chinese government.
  20. mattyg


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    That doesn't make sense. :D

    Worthless? But people are buying them....making them worth something.

    You can also spend BTC at some retailers... OCuk's largest competitor for instance.

    Yay for mining.:D