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GPU prices go boom

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by RavenXXX2, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. KillBoY_UK


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    Its also much easier to get the most out of your resources when you have only 1-2 hardware targets to hit.

    When you have to make a engine and do production values on a massive range of hardware its alot harder to get the most at of any of said hardware in that range.

    Personally I prefer a PC build of Horizon, best looking game out there full stop imo pc or console on a PS4 pro in HDR
  2. BubbySoup

    Wise Guy

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    No amount of money will let you play an exclusive on a PC - that's why I have my PS4 Pro, just for that.

    What saddens me as a PC gamer is over the last year or so some of my favourite gaming has been on the PS4. Sure you can moan about lower frame rates, worse graphics etc but to me it's the gameplay that matters and most of the PS4 exclusives really nail that.
  3. Bonjour


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    I have a 1440p/144Hz setup, but still find myself playing XBone and PS4.
  4. Rup


    Joined: Aug 23, 2017

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    Tried the big PS4 exclusives like Uncharted, GT Sport etc, still prefer similar on pc.
    I really dont like joypads.

    Also steering wheels nowhere near as good. Tried my expensive Fanatec wheel base on Forza 7 on Xbox one, felt awful.
    Same wheel, so much better on Forza 7 on PC.
  5. Sosuke.


    Joined: Nov 13, 2014

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    For me I only play MP FPS at 144hz. If I was interested in exclusives and SP games I wouldn't think twice about switching.
  6. PegasusOne


    Joined: Apr 1, 2018

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    Hmm, not sure I agree. There are limits to how much i'm willing to pay for things based on what i'm prepared to pay for them even if the market says somthing else.

    Other things would take precidence.

    £700 for a gfx card alone? No
  7. McGraw

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    Do you get paid piece rates at work so you actually get paid more the faster the you work?

    Can't believe nobody's destroyed you for this comment.
  8. james_2k

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    well technically he said harder not faster.
  9. LeMson

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    Smarter might be better than harder :p
  10. McGraw

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Jan 16, 2006

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    How do you work harder without working faster?

    If you are not giving 100% effort then start giving 100% effort then you are working faster (achieving more in same time)

    If you become more efficient you become faster at working.

    Please give me an example of working harder without increasing your speed.

    What job guarantees you more money for working harder? Yes I know you can get promoted, get more sales etc. But only working longer hours or achieving more in a given time at piece rates guarantees you more money.

    Work harder in this case = git gud.
  11. james_2k

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    Joined: Aug 28, 2012

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    well, working harder would imply you are giving work more effort, possibly implying more shifts undertaken, more overtime etc. if you are sales based, being more motivated to phone people and er sell stuff.

    yeah loads of jobs wouldn't get you any more money from working harder or indeed faster, mine included. but still, doesn't mean hes piecemeal.
  12. mattyg


    Joined: Jun 17, 2007

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    If you were a pianist then you could play more sets.. But you couldn't play the song/tune/Piece and faster.....lol
  13. nomadd


    Joined: Sep 27, 2008

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    Trick with consoles is never to buy at the start of a new generation. I held fire until the Pro came along and by then there was a decent selection of excellent games, all that could be picked up cheap in sales and off thebay. I've owned every Playstation since the original, and I have to say the PS4 generation has been the best by far for me.

    PS5? No chance. 2020 at the earliest. So the PS4 range will have had a good long run. And let's not forget, there are people on this forum who change graphics cards more frequently than most of us change socks, so the PS4 will have had a terrific run in comparison. ;)
  14. Rup


    Joined: Aug 23, 2017

    Posts: 162

    Obviously if u work harder u get better pay rises/bonuses etc. Can’t believe u don’t understand that.
  15. killem


    Joined: Aug 3, 2010

    Posts: 267

    In an Ideal world this would be the case but currently in a lot of multi national companys all extra profit goes to the share holders and not the workers. I know in the industry I am in that pay and conditions have reduced since the last recession and yes volumes have increased above the pre recession levels but the pay rises since have been below the rate of inflation and no bonuses paid.

    Do not Judge that every ones situation to be the same as yours.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  16. Steampunk


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    Are we going to see GPU prices come down again? They went up pretty fast due to the weakness of the pound.

  17. ubersonic


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    A weightlifter lifting more weight.
    A decorator putting more effort in to be neat (actually makes them slower).
    A chef putting even more effort in (can't exactly make the food cook quicker).
    A president spell checking his tweets.
    A pilot flying manually in a storm.
  18. chrcoluk

    Wise Guy

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    Pretty much all unskilled jobs I have done, the only way to increase your pay was overtime, the reward for working harder was avoiding the cull when the next batch of jobs got cut.

    Obviously skilled work can be very different but not all skilled work is as simple as an annual pay rise and personal negotiations for said pay rise. I have only had one job where there was a bonus scheme in place.

    Now running my own business, yes most definitely generally the harder you work the more wealth you accrue, as the owner you fully reap the rewards of increased profits.

    Thought I would post this as I think life isnt so simple that you work harder you earn more and it kind of digs me when people say that as if it applies to everyone.
  19. bru


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    Male pornstar. ;)

    Certainly harder and not faster, is a good thing.
  20. nomadd


    Joined: Sep 27, 2008

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    Working for YOURSELF is the only way to get rich. Can’t believe u don’t understand that. :p

    (29 years and counting, btw.. ;))