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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Gibbo, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Th0nt


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    Just apply the used car market philosophy. Not that you will get it. Basically once its off the forecourt its halved in value! :p

    I dont think anyone would want a revved out ex-miner card, not to game on anyway. The fans wont be great and the owner could have abused it somewhat regarding high temperatures etc. However it is what it is and if your after better prices - as the last quarter has been horrific for a buyer - then use the advantage and try to wait out some better pricing offers.
  2. aoaaron

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    I agree..!
  3. Gibbo


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    Correct, but when its limited edition cars, supercars, or cars in shortage then that philosophy also goes out the window, it becomes more a case of what people are willing to pay.

    Cars like BMW M2 hardly depreciate much at all and thats a mass production car but holds value well.
    Mustang when it came out, same as demand outweighed supply.

    The nicer end of the car market can act different some hold value, some appreciate (Porsche) and yes some can half in value very quickly.

    Perfect example on OcUK:
    Zotac 1080Ti Mini, in ample supply, under £700
    Asus 1080Ti Strix OC, hardly any supply, over £1000

    Supply and demand always impacts pricing.
    Limited editions or special editions always carry a premium.

    Just the way of life, pretty much same on everything.

    I want a Porsche GT3, they are 110k new, but Porsche won't sell me one until I spend around a million with them, well I don't want their other cars. Plus I refuse to pay around 125k-150k for one a couple of years old, I shall wait for them to become older and then buy when they are around 100k or do as I did and actually buy a faster car for less money which is holding value nicely is its a very limited edition car, SVR. :)
  4. Armadillo


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    Do ocuk cover the whole 3 year warranty for inno3d? Considering the x3 1070ti once my refund for my 1070 comes through (another retailer), looks a top card from reviews, but don't want to have to send half way around the world for warranty.

    Also while I'm here, same for palit, 2 years covered by ocuk?

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  5. PegasusOne


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    Taking the car analogy though, it still depends on the buyer and how much they're willing to pay.
    I was looking at cars a few months ago. Sometihng that is a complete no for me is a car that has been smoked in. So as a potential buyer in the market, all those cars to me personally are now worth zero, because I don' t buy them no matter how rare or otherwise good examples they are.

    It's similar to cards that have been mined on, not interested.
  6. Boycey0211


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    And the sellers do exactly the same thing, lie and say no when you ask.
  7. PegasusOne


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    Are you trying to tell me that Professional retail box remover isn't a real job?