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Hacker group releases '9/11 Papers', says future leaks will 'burn down' US deep state

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minusorange, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Rroff

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    I'm kind of on the fence on this aspect.

    I've worked in some pretty big multi-occupancy business buildings - if people come around wearing high-vis and acting official no one blinks an eyelid - dress it up as a HVAC maintenance or whatever and you can move a lot of equipment around and get access to all sorts without people giving it a second thought (obviously would be remembered afterwards). Unless you were hanging explosives and miles of detonating cordage off support structures, etc. people aren't going to really notice.

    With conventional demolition though you'd probably have to use some pretty big charges on unused floors to make up for not being able to stack supports at will and that would be very noticeable going off - not just "maybe it was demolition charges" it would be massive flashes and distinct booms of primary charges before any collapse (IIRC there is usually a sequence of charges as well to bring a building that big down).

    On the other hand from the days I was working in R&D even back then there was tech i.e. specialised shaped charges either functional or in development that could work around the conventional aspect so while unlikely in that respect I can't rule it out.

    The harder bit is pulling the whole lot off without anyone ever talking down the line given the number of people it would have to involve even assuming that was via a smaller number of actors controlling the actions of a larger unwitting number - most people don't question someone superior to them when their attention or efforts are directed, etc.
  2. Freakbro


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    Yes, unfortunately it's going to be a too mundane and boring explanation for you to believe

    We see it all the time now, every time there is a breaking live news story the initial information reported is patchy, confusing, contradictory and invariably incorrect, it's the 'fog of war' effect.

    So the firefighters had reported they feared the building could collapse, by the time it's gone through a few hands this is reported as another building could or has collapsed, Reuters take that as has collapsed, everyone else jumps on it to be at the cutting edge of updated news and reports it has collapsed.

    What's the expression, never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.
  3. Dis86


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    Boom, Freak knocks it out of the park!
  4. wolfie138

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    of course, who do you think he works for...?
  5. Screeeech


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    Just look at Sandy Hook - it was a fast moving, confusing, terrifying, horrifying situation, unfortunately a lot of berks out there translate the naturally occurring conflicting pieces of information and confusion, that occur with such horror into "massive government conspiracy theory"

    It's sad really.
  6. RaohNS


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    That makes several correct assumptions. But raises other possibilities eg: If WTC7 was a hub doing investigations how compromised was it. Are all investigations into political insider trading stored where they can be accessed (think how the CIA went through under Brennan the oversight committees emails). They are stored in very very few places. I can think they are only stored in one location with possibly one off site for security)

    Maybe involve tens of thousands. It might only involve a few hundred. Who knows. The real message is: Don't trust governments

    How rare? When MK Ultra was being talked about decades ago people had livelihoods ruined. Then it comes out that MK Ultra was an actual project, doing exactly what the nutters said and was even called what the nutters said. The same is true of the heart attack gun. They were making claims about it and were dismissed. And yet what they were saying was accurate.

    I'll give a big one: Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK? If you say no, you're a conspiracy nut.

    Naturally, as sometimes even liars get it right.

    Yes but you are setting the parameters of what constitutes the theory. If I said the US Govt must have had a hand in it occurring, would I be a nutter or would it hold water? The 9/11 Commission... While being pro Saudi shows a lack of intelligence.

    It would take structural engineers to attest that and a group did come out.

    Some people said that. I don't buy that.

    Why wont the Pentagon release footage of the plane impact (that was caught on CCTV systems). Put the matter to bed.
  7. amigafan2003


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  8. StriderX


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    I find it funny that people forget that it's 2001 and expect 4k 60fps CCTV images of things.
  9. Vexr


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    I do wonder how easy it is to for experts to create alternative narratives to anything that really happens.

    Say I purposefully unplugged my USB wi-fi dongle at a critical moment when downloading/uploading something that's somehow of critical importance.

    When questioned, I could say "It's rather mundane actually. Event viewer showed a timeout occurred while waiting for the EHCI host controller Interrupt on Async Advance Doorbell response, an error that caused a system wide loss of all but a couple of USB ports, a rare but not unheard of defect that has been seen in some AM3+ chipset motherboards which usually manifests when there's high throughput on a USB port, as when downloading/uploading. The PC then became unbootable when I attempted to restart it."

    Their response may be "Yes, this is certainly plausible but unlikely. We will await further analysis of the motherboard, hard drive, and wi-fi dongle to corroborate."

    "My apologies, I immediately sent them off to China to be melted down. If there's anything else I can provide you with to aid your investigation, well actually that'd be classified." ;)
  10. Squark


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    Just checking, has the deep state come crumbling down yet?
    No? Oh well, maybe next time.
  11. Housey

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    And still the crazies crazy.

    I had a friend walking to work that saw the plane go into the Pentagon, with his eyes, from a few hundred yards away, with his eyes I remind you again. I had several friends in NYC who saw the planes go in, some 1 some 2. I genuinely feel sorry for those simpletons who seek to suggest it never happened. Be clear, YOU ARE CRAZY if you think it didn't happen, such as the Pentagon one above. It was NOT a cruise missile to shut that rubbish one down too.

    I say again, if 4 planes did not crash on 9/11, this thread would not exist. Think about that and all your crazy side stories and please....no more questions or links to 'people like you'. I am 100% confident in my sources for they are 100% trustworthy normal Joes. THAT is why CT people **** off so many people because they are too stupid to realise how stupid they are.
  12. MookJong


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    It would take a large number of people to rig buildings that size for demolition and many more people to perform other tasks involved with faking the events of that day. Even if the buildings fell on their own, the plot would require a lot of preparation work in multiple areas.

    Not one has spoken out, nobody who was asked to be involved but refused has spoken out. No deathbed confessions, no Wikileaks uploads no nothing.

    The reason is because Islamic terrorists carried out the attacks.

    I know this topic inside out, I was on the other team till around 2006 and was highly suspicious of the events. I was an absolute idiot who's narrow outlook and lack of knowledge about the real world allowed me to be sucked in. Conspiracies exist, but this isn't one of them.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
  13. Housey

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    Another reformed and as I said previously in this thread. We all have this in is to a lesser or greater extent, but then we become grown ups, learn about the realities of the world and realise that most of this rubbish, vast swathes of it, is rubbish for the fickle and limited life experienced sorts. That hurts some, they can't see it but as you admitted and as have others, you usually come to see what idiocy most of this stuff is, created by people in the same place, CT want to believes they know more than normal people, when they don't and far FAR less than the truly informed. As I also said, most of use grow up and from me who joined this forum in my late 30's and now in my early 50's I see how many posters have evolved, matured and become more sensible in their ramblings.

    Sad thing is at my age it's downhill so from here I will will start to believe all this stuff again I suspect :D
  14. Tuppy_Glossop


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    Presumably also in tectonic activity zones and areas of high density high-rise buildings.
  15. Minusorange


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    Comes into a conspiracy thread, complains about conspiracy people

    And you call the CT people crazy ? :rolleyes:
  16. Housey

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    Wait, you only want to hear from people like you? Wahahahahah
  17. Dis86


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    Tectonic activity zones are something I've had very little exposure to. With regards to high-rise, high-density demolition is key. You do not want them falling over as there will simply be too many buildings in too close a proximity. People often talk about the buildings imploding, they don't. You do want them to collapse inwards however so the debris field is minimised.
  18. Dis86


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    Lol. Actually wants a circle jerk. Brilliant.

    Maybe they could explain what the point of posting on a discussion forum is then?
  19. Housey

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    You couldn't make it up!

    Oh wait....wahahahah
  20. Housey

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    We need Fred Dibna in this thread but sadly 'they' killed him to silence him.