1. JJBandit

    MOBO upgrade and RGB questions

    Hey folks, Long story short, i have been buying Asus ROG STRIX everything (much to my eventual dismay) I have had more issues with the Armoury Crate than most people have, and i vaguely recall contacting Asus for some advice, and they said they think i may have had a faulty MOBO, but at the...
  2. ILiekGames

    Advice on a new build & some questions

    Hi all. I am looking to buy a new PC, and was torn between going for a top end build (4090 + 14900K) which is very expensive, or a lower tier build (4070Ti + 13th gen i7 or i9). I will be going in for a 32" screen. At the moment, I've only played games at 1080p, so I don't what difference I will...
  3. Sucram101

    RGB strip help

    I have a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Glass RGB Special Edition - BlackWhite with a Phanteks RGB LED Strip Starter Kit (PH-LEDKTCMBO) installed, the lights are always green and I cannot find a way to change them, there is a small button under the USB slots that changes the colour of the power button...
  4. ChloeLouCaine

    [ADVICE]: DDR5 Memory with Asus ROG Z690 Hero Mobo

    Would i be right in saying or thinking that there wouldn't/won't be issues with 64GB (2x32gb) 5200MHz DDR5 kit (XMP enabled) as regards to posting or speeds etc with Asus ROG Z690 Maximus Hero board? I don't like the idea of the 32GB (2x16gb) kit cause i'm going to be using my system for a lot...
  5. Quartz

    Asus B560M-Plus Tuf Gaming - which RGB software?

    I have an Asus B560M-Plus Tuf Gaming motherboard and the Asus Armoury Crate software recently started misbehaving. Uninstalling solved the issue but that also mean uninstalling the RGB software. I understand that the RGB software is called Mystic Light. Asus do not make it separately available...
  6. jwilliamson47

    Alder Lake Upgrade Lian Li 011 Dynamic

    Hi, I'm debating about upgrading my system from an 8700K to Alder Lake CPU. The problem is the Corsair AIO will not support the platform and they aren't going to provide a bracket. Would it be better to go AM4 instead as that is supported or get a new cooler? It's a shame Corsair doesn't...
  7. markymoo

    32GB Memory Recommendation & Advice

    I’m wanting 32gb of memory for a new build I’m going to do. I was looking at the Vengence RGB Pro, when blindly just glancing through. Then I saw both the Balastix RGB with tighter timings and Team Group (but no RGB) Memory, PSU and Motherboards are the most confusing for me. Can I ask the...
  8. jwink86

    RAM Upgrade on a Gigabyte Aorus B450 Elite

    Afternoon all, Looking for some upgrade advice regarding my current setup. The specs are as follows Motherboard = https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gigabyte-b450-aorus-elite-socket-am4-ddr4-atx-motherboard-mb-574-gi.html CPU =...
  9. Dan Rough

    Connecting a Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB fan to a MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI AMD Motherboard

    Hoping that someone might be able to help me / my son out. As the title suggests, my son has a MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk board, to which he wants to be able to connect a Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB fan so that he can control the RGB colours. Most of the guidance that we have found for this suggests...
  10. Cavs

    How to get Corsair Carbide front fan lights illuminating

    Hi all, I just setup a second PC from some old parts into a Corsair Carbide Delta case with 3 front RGB fans. Everything works except the illumination of the RGB fans.... Now firstly I have discovered I have an old Asus Z87-A mobo without RGB headers (my bad for not thinking about this) I...
  11. Andrew Cockayne

    RGB Fan Controllers

    Hello, I recently bought a new computer system (excluding a graphics card, because, you know...). I decided to go with an ITX build but everything went in and connected up smoothly. Except for the fans. I bought a MSI montherboard "MSI MEG Z590I UNIFY mITX" (not available on overclockers) and...
  12. Conall

    Corsair ICUE 4000X RGB case and Corsair ICUE CPU cooler compatibility

    hey gang, hope everything's treating you well. am doing my first solo build in close to 20 years, so I feel like I'm learning how to ride a bike all over again haha. I wanna get the Corsair ICUE H150i Elite Capellix cpu cooler, as it looks awesome and I want it to match up with the other RGB...
  13. Gabriel Tidswell

    Help with RGB Addressable CPU cooler and fans

    Hi Just picked up the Tecware Forge M case which includes Tecware Orbis RGB fans and controller. I'm thinking of getting an aerocool mirage CPU cooler however I would like to know if I can connect the CPU cooler to the Orbis RGB controller to link everything together. I have only one slot for...
  14. softwaresimian

    SFX PSU with RGB

    Can anyone recommend (do they even exist ?) an SFX PSU with RGB from a reputable make ?. Mid range power would be fine ... asking for a friend :cry:
  15. Blaxie

    Help! Fan spins without LED or LED shines without fan spinning

    I have 3 fans in the front and 3 in the back all synched with the rgb controller that came with the case. After 2 months of working, one of the front fans stopped spinning, but the rgb in it still worked. This is the case Once I unplug the rgb cable from that fan, it spins again. So it's...
  16. Adam conway

    What fan? Kolink void X

    Hi guys, I have recently built with the Kolink void X case, love the case got the front panel and lights working through the controller, my question is, what fans can I daisy chain to it? As I carnt seem to find any fans that have both 4pin for my mother board for fan power and then 3 pin for...
  17. milamber1971

    Would welcome thoughts and advice

    Hello to all you awesome peeps, hope you are all doing well during this difficult time. Any advice and thought on what i am going to post would be more than welcome as i'm umming and aahing over things and could do with some ideas/thoughts/guidance/divine inspiration, you catch my drift I'm...
  18. danq

    Asus ROG Strix LC240 vs Lian-Li Galahad 240 (both white)

    Hey So yeah you guessed it - I'm building a white RGB PC *yawn* I'd like some advice please. I currently have a Galahad 240 on order but I can pick up the Asus AIO for roughly the same price after some discounts and ASUS' own ratemygear promo. There's a few reviews floating about for the...
  19. benparker

    Water cooling 5800X

    Noob here. I've got a 5800X and 3060Ti and planning to get RGB ram. Are there any water coolers I can use for the CPU which will still allow visibility with a NR200 with tempered glass?
  20. MadCal

    Advice on upgrading case and cooling system help. newbie

    Hi all. I'm wanting to change the cosmetics of my case to a nice "white" look. I've checked out a few cases, mainly by the looks and a few AIO systems, too. The problem is, I'm not very clued up with compatibility, fittings and such. If anyone has the time, i'd really love to be able to discuss...
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