1. kisserik93

    Fan for Corsair 5000D airflow. What kind of?

    Hello! I would like to buy 120mm fans for a Corsair 5000D airflow case. Which fan do you think would be the best solution for me? I want it to be quiet, but with excellent air flow. Thank you!
  2. dubcat

    Connect case fan PWM to ARGB controller or to motherboard PWM connectors?

    My Kolink Citadel Mesh case has 3 fans connected to an RGB controller (the RGB cables and the PWM cables all go in to it). The controller has 3 connectors coming out of it which are SATA, RGB and PWM fan. I also have a RGB fan on my CPU cooler which has a PWM and RGB connectors. I'm not sure...
  3. Kashif7

    Advice on pc setup and why I get BLOD

    Would be good to get advice on my current set up as my OS keeps crashing. I get the blue screen of death. This happens when I render videos in Adobe premiere Pro or work on it too fast. Also in my DAW, reaper, it often crashes the comp. I have not Overclocked my CPU nor GPU. CPU: Intel Core...
  4. TommyH

    Fan silencing a 32GQ950-B

    Purchased a LG 32GQ950-B monitor that does so many things right, but there's a fan built-in that gives a constant high-pitched and warbling whine that's just incredibly annoying to be around. Anyone have suggestions for how to silence this if mods are on the table? I can disable the inbuilt fan...
  5. chris blackford

    Lian LI Fan controller 2.0 fan RPM not showing on MB

    hi all my fan RPM is not showing on me MB i have Lian LI Fan controller 2.0 2 of them and the SL120 V1's and sl140 V1 fans and Z690 MSI ace there only showing in my L - conect? is this normal for the Lian LI controller? conected by fan header on MB
  6. Quartz

    Replacing a Sunon ef40201bx-q18c-f99 fan in my switch

    My TP-Link TL-ST1008 10 GbE switch is noisy. Well, it was. I've just replaced the Sunon ef40201bx-q18c-f99 40mm 28.5 dB fan inside with a Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX at 18 dB. But I'm having second thoughts, because after double-checking I found that the Sunon pushes 10.8 cfm and the Noctua only a...
  7. chris blackford

    CONNECTING Lian Li SL120 fans argb to controller

    hi my trying to conect my sl120's to my Lian Li controller but on the controller it has 3 pin connecter with no space and on the cable for my fan it has a 3 pin with a space? do i need a convter or sum thing...
  8. Floob

    Fan noise/speed on RX 6700

    I've just updated my 1060 to a RX 6700 and its working out pretty well, obviously a big jump in performance. I am noticing the louder fan noise though when the card is working hard. Plus the 6700 has 2 fans and my 1060 had 1. I'd say once it hits about 1400rpm it starts getting noticeable (not...
  9. Chris Jerram

    CPU fan dead

    Hi guys I recently got a Katana GF66 11UE, had it for 2 months and fan 1 (left fan) is dead, not sure if the bearings have gone but its stuttering (same stutter when stepper motors die) its refusing to spin. Turned the machine off for 5h hoping that a cold boot would fix it but no luck, checked...
  10. Author_25

    New Build - Choosing Fans

    Hi, I am planning a new build in the next 2-3 months and have never had much luck with fans, fail to quickly, noise, so I tend to choose fans that are good quality but not to high in price, i.e. £25+. My case will be a Lian Li 011 Air Mini - White. Backup case would be the Lian Li O11D Evo. I...
  11. Rockbox

    Noctua NH-D14 stock fans vs Deepcool 140mm PWM?

    My NH-D14 came with NF-P12 and NF-P14 non PWM fans, but I barely used them. Instead I used two Deepcool UF-140 PWM fans. I think PWM is what won me over, but maybe I underestimated Noctua's tuning. Also, I think they're case fans, rather than tuned to high static pressure for heatsinks and...
  12. ikra

    Does connecting more fans to motherboard affect overclocking?

    I know this might be a dumb question. I'm planning on connecting 3 fans per header (3) on my motherboard for a total of 9 fans. Is it better if I bought a hub drawing power directly from the PSU rather than connecting these fans to the motherboard? My dumb logic says that it will tax the...
  13. josephkhb

    doing push/push aio fans

    hi guys what happened if i ptu push/push fans on aio radiator?
  14. tippsmix

    Lian Li Lancool Mesh 2 stock aRGB casaefan replacement issue

    Hi, I would like to replace the stock aRGB case fans with Acrtic Cooling aRGB fans. They are both 5V aRGB fans, so I thought it would be a piece of cake, however when I tried to connect the new fans I had to relize that the aRGB controller connectors of the chasis and the Arctic fans are...
  15. Envy78

    Optimal Fan positioning

    Hi everyone, I just bought 2 new 120mm fans for my pc as I was going to create a push pull configuration for my 240mm radiator. However I wanted to check with you guys on here that my fans in the optimal positions. I currently have 2 front intake fans that push air though my radiator into my pc...
  16. Pribnik

    Need help finding GPU replacement fans

    Hi all, Would you be able to advise on the best route to take when looking to replace your GPU fans. I have an ASUS GTX 2070 SUPER Dual EVO OC 8192MB with a fan that makes some really annoying noises. Basically sounds like there is something not quite right with the bearing. You can hear it...
  17. StarTanJawi

    Hp pavilion g7 noisy fan

    I have a laptop problem that worries me sometimes when i turn on my laptop makes a noisy sound and when i restart noisy gone my spec : model : hp pavilion g7 notebook pc ram : 12 gb os : windows 7 x64 hard disk : 120 ssd cpu : i5 2430M
  18. mickyflinn

    World's Biggest Computer Fan: Corsair 500mm LL RGB Fan

    Need a new case for this bad boy.
  19. MrMe

    Projector Fan Upgrade

    Afternoon, planning an upgrade to my LG HU70LA projector, the fans are quite loud as one would expect. I have attached a picture of the fan and connector. Current Fan Module, T70T12Mha9-52K06 3.9Krpm Dc 12V 140Ma 1.68W 60Hz 820Mm3 Per Min 70 X 70 X 25 Nidec Corporation Plan to use an ultra...
  20. Josh Waterson

    GPU fan 'croaking' noise

    I just bought and installed a used Gigabyte RTX 2060 and one of the fans (I think) is making a noise something like a short croak whenever it starts/stops and occasionally while running. I've uninstalled the graphics card and gave each fan a little spin with my finger and noticed that the...
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